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People attend a workshop and discuss requirements and processes.
Atlassian solutions
Four reasons why to start with analysis before implementing a new information management system
What's the magic behind analysis? To answer this question, we observed an analysis phase of a non-IT client project. Based on this, we present four ideas why you should invest in requirements analysis before implementing a new support system.
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News archive
Trinidad Wiseman acquired a strategic stake in Intelex Insight, the largest Microsoft business analytics company in the Baltic States
Trinidad Wiseman has acquired a 47% stake in Intelex Insight, the largest data science, business analytics and machine learning company in the Baltics specializing in the Microsoft BI platform and Power BI. As a result of the transaction, Intelex Insight will become Trinidad Wiseman's machine learning and business analytics centre, enabling the latter to offer new data science-based services to its clients.
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User and user-centered design
Web accessibility: one form suits all?
There are bigger or smaller web forms on almost every website, but a lot can go wrong with them. From the accessibility aspect, the form must be simple, understandable, and navigable with a keyboard (for example, for a person with motor impairment who is unable to use a mouse) as well as various assistive technologies, such as a screen reader (software that reads out everything that happens on the screen to a blind user). Let's see how to do that.
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Managing software development
What to consider when you plan to change people in IT projects?
At Trinidad Wiseman (TWN), our goal is long-term partnerships, which in practice means working in the same business field for years and offering solutions to the client. From the perspective of software developers, such long projects can occasionally lead to fatigue in terms of the project field or technology. Rotation may help you.
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User and user-centered design
Your website does not meet accessibility (WCAG) criteria - our developers advise whether to fix the current website or create an entirely new website
Suppose your website does not yet meet the AA level of the WCAG 2.1 standard. In that case, you have two options: either develop an entirely new website that immediately meets the accessibility criteria or update the existing one (front-end facelift).
an illustration where a person sits at a computer and communicates with various parties regarding cooperation
Managing software development
What to consider if you plan to outsource part of the development, and how to get the most out of the cooperation
Whether to solve the challenges in-house or outsource them can be confusing. As the complexity of IT solutions grows, the need for specialized knowledge increases. Due to time pressure to complete projects faster, more companies turn to partners to develop IT systems.
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Atlassian solutions
Tech Group work processes in Jira - how we implemented a software development tool in an industrial engineering company
In the second part of the Tech Group case study series, we will reveal the technical side of the implementation - the basic structure, overviews, automations and plugins. Additionally, we find out what Tech Group department heads recommend to companies considering implementing Jira.
Illustration of a colorful world depicts a woman with colored glasses and colored hair
User and user-centered design
Web accessibility: a colourful world
It is time to switch to some accessibility topics again and today, we will focus on one of the most important pillars in web design – colours. When showing information and relationships, we cannot rely solely on colour, because we all see colours a little differently, and for some they look more similar than to others. Use patterns, layouts, dotted lines, and other creative solutions!
A job interview at TWN, a developer working on a computer and the TWN team sitting at the TWN label
TWN Life
How to make the recruitment process more convenient and pleasant for both the candidate and the employer?
Technical recruiter Liis Rillo at Trinidad Wiseman (TWN) will give you a small overview of the IT sector job market and introduce you to the recruitment process at TWN. She will also talk about relieving tension for both parties to make the recruitment process comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.
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Atlassian solutions
If emails threads do not contribute to operative actions...
In the first part of Tech Group's case study series, department managers of the machine building company talk about process management methods that became ineffective as the company grew. We will find out which pain points needed new solutions and how we approached Jira implementation in an agile manner in the non-IT company.
Priit with the dog Lexi
TWN Life
TWN Life: our Senior Developer: "I am best described by 2 words - framework agnostic and bug diagnostic."
We continue with the TWN Life blog series, where we get to know the talented team members of Trinidad Wiseman (TWN) in various roles. This time we talked with our senior developer Priit about his career and hobbies and also asked some fun questions with a twist.
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Atlassian solutions
Effective requirement management and tracking with Requirements Yogi
The larger a development project, the more necessary it becomes to have a consistent practice in requirement management. Let's look at how to manage and track requirements in Confluence effectively and find out what the Centre of Registers and Information Systems appreciates most about the Requirements Yogi app.
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