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UX/UI Design
Making you a Service Designer in 5 Weeks: Trinidad Wiseman's Approach to Cultivating Design Skills in Estonia
Why do we recommend service design training for both designers and non-designers? Find out in our new article. We share success stories from our clients: the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Enterprise Estonia (EAS). Discover the 6 main benefits that can be effectively applied in design and other fields. We're delighted that last year we helped train over 400 people to be more aware of service design.
Design system depicting screens
Technology and solutions
On the Feasibility of Automating Design and Development – Our Lessons from Building the Veera Design System
Trinidad Wiseman and the State Information Systems Agency (RIA) completed a new version of the Veera design system in 2023. This version offers unique tools to design and development teams to save time and simplify complex processes. In our new blog article, we share experiences, challenges, and lessons learned from the project.
Illustration of Mert
Atlassian solutions
Let's get acquainted with Mert Unsal: speaker at Atlassian Conference in Northen Europe 2024 and Senior Solutions Engineer at Atlassian
Trinidad Wiseman is set to host the Atlassian Conference in Northern Europe 2024 on April 4, marking a significant gathering for Atlassian enthusiasts. The program will showcase a variety of customer success stories and specialist presentations, aimed at providing profound insights into the capabilities of Jira and Confluence within IT service management. In an exclusive interview, we'll delve into the background of Mert Unsal, the conference speaker, learning about his role at Atlassian, his interests outside of work, and what attendees can anticipate from his presentation.
person working on a computer
User and user-centered design
Can a Time-Critical Information System Provide an Empathetic Customer Experience: The Emergency Response Centre's SOS Case Study
Working in collaboration with the Emergency Response Centre and the Ministry of the Interior's IT and Development Centre (SMIT), we contributed to improving the workflows of rescue coordinators and logisticians. The primary measure of a rescue coordinator's work is speed – the rapid delivery of help to those in need. However, this can occasionally lead to a poor customer experience.
Depiction of a CMDB serving as a central hub connecting assets, services, and teams.
Atlassian solutions
Three options to optimize your company's processes and attain its business objectives using a configuration management database
When is it advisable to implement a configuration management database (CMDB)? How to create maximum value from the integration of service management software and CMDB? How do cyber security and CMDB complement each other? What factors should be taken into account when selecting a CMDB application? In the upcoming article, we will provide answers and illustrative examples of how CMDB can play a pivotal role in accomplishing business goals.
hands and different shapes like circles, triangles, lines
UX/UI Design
When four becomes one: things to consider when merging complex systems together, ECHA case study
ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) decided to undergo quite drastic change and merge their existing submission systems into a new single one. Trinidad Wiseman assisted them in a very first steps of the way, conducting necessary evaluations, research and educational activities to facilitate a better vision of the upcoming changes.
people depicted inside three rings illustrating different levels of Scrum certifications
Managing software development
What is a Scrum Master certificate and how can you get one?
Have you ever wondered how to get a Scrum Master or agile project manager certificate? Maybe you've heard about the Scrum framework and its importance in today's project management and want to step up to improve your skills and advance your career. At Trinidad Wiseman, many specialists have acquired the Scrum Master certificate. We'll introduce you to the world of Scrum certification and describe the different ways and opportunities to get it.
 three people working at a computer
User and user-centered design
Service Plan - Visualizing Processes for Better Customer Experience
You might have heard of the "customer journey" as a design method, but the concept of a "service blueprint" might still be new to some. Designing an excellent customer journey is crucial, but if an organization can't function smoothly in delivering its services, then a great customer experience can't be sustained for long. Mapping a service blueprint is a method that helps integrate service usage and delivery into a cohesive whole, being a key tool in service design.
colorful number 22
User and user-centered design
WCAG 2.2 and new success criteria
Last October, the long-awaited version 2.2 of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines became the official W3C recommendation. Today we will give an overview of what’s new and how it will impact us. Although WCAG 3.0 (which is promised to cover more user needs, be more flexible in terms of different technologies, tools and content, as well as easier to understand) is also being developed, it will still take years before it will become an official recommendation.
a person standing in front of different systems
UX/UI Design
Contributing to the environment with tackling UX issues, European Environmental Agency case-study
Our environment, the need for its preservation and the struggles that our planet goes through – all has been an increasingly hot topic of the last decade. Research activities like the ones described in this case study are especially relevant in the context of data-heavy systems, that tend to get rigid and resistant to changes. By testing with users and adapting systems even partially we make sure that the product will stay relevant for users and their practical everyday needs.
The picture shows an open computer and a shopping bag with a padlock
User and user-centered design
Does your digital environment meet accessibility requirements in force from 2025?
Accessible digital environments are independently usable by as many people as possible. An accessible digital environment is designed and developed in such a way that its texts can be read also by the elderly, layout and functions are understandable also to first-time users, and the page is usable for people with special needs and various assistive technologies (navigable with keyboard, screen readers, voice commands, eye sensors) etc.
a person standing in the middle of different shapes like cubes, spheres, etc
Technology and solutions
How to Navigate the World of Data Analytics: Concepts, Data Migration, and Cross-Usage
In today's technology-rich business world, data analytics is of critical importance as it enables organisations to make informed decisions, thereby improving company efficiency and competitiveness. In this article, we'll introduce you to important concepts and processes related to data migration to help you better navigate the exciting world of data analytics.
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