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User and user-centered design
What can the private sector learn from the public sector in service design?
Service design is not something to do when you have leftover time and money. The new norm should be to focus on how to be customer-centric, what changes it requires, how it relates to today's business goals, and what it means for every person in their daily work. What can the private sector learn from the public sector? We share our observations on similarities, differences, and lessons that both sectors can reflect upon.
Illustratsioon of Jira Product Discovery
Atlassian solutions
Jira Product Discovery – ideas into product
In the summer of 2023, Atlassian released a new tool - Jira Product Discovery. The software aimed at product teams creates a holistic approach to the software development life cycle in the Atlassian product family. Now, product managers can collaborate directly with stakeholders and development and user support teams. Let's dive into Jira Product Management features!
inimeste elusündmused: beebiootel naine ja mees internetist teenust tarbimas
Technology and solutions
What prerequisites must be met for the development of proactive e-services?
When discussing the creation of proactive e-services, it is vital to understand the maturity level of your organisation in providing services. This article starts from the perspective of low maturity and addresses the basic prerequisites for the creation and development of e-services, aiming ultimately to achieve proactive event-based services.
TWN 5 spetsialisti
TWN Life
How 5 Specialists at Trinidad Wiseman Found Their Calling in IT
Each of our five colleagues - Kadi, Tanel, Dima, Lilian, and Taavi - has a unique story of their career twists and turns. Every one of them has brought skills, life wisdom, and a wealth of experiences from entirely different sectors to Trinidad Wiseman.
Illustration of a service desk team who manage incoming requests in Jira Service Management.
Atlassian solutions
Implementation of Jira Service Management in the Ministry of Education and Research
The Ministry of Education and Research (HTM) is an Estonian government institution that organizes educational and research activities in Estonia at the national level. The following article will publish how Jira Service Management was implemented in HTM. Both HTM employees and the TWN consultant who participated in the implementation shared their observations.
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tools & software
Beyond Page Views: Analysing Content Engagement with Google Tag Manager
If we don't know how visitors behave on our website, we don't know which content (such as a blog post) resonates with them and which doesn't. We also need to find out which content should be improved to make it more attractive to visitors. Here's a practical guide for you to track likes using Google Tag Manager.
Atlassian Community teemaline illustratsioon, kus inimesed linnapildis jalutavad
Atlassian solutions
Atlassian Community in Estonia - a forum and community for ardent Atlassian fans
Kerli Loopman, an experienced Atlassian consultant with years of experience working with Atlassian products, has recently joined our team. Alongside her daily responsibilities, she also took on the role of managing the Estonian branch of the Atlassian Community since last fall. In this insightful interview, Kerli shares the purpose of the Atlassian Community, its target audience, and provides a glimpse into what can be expected in the future.
a pattern with black spots on a green background
UX/UI Design
The Dark Side of E-commerce: The Impact of Hidden Design Patterns ("Dark Patterns") on Estonian Shoppers
Businesses are now facing the challenge of finding new ways to differentiate themselves and attract customers to their specific products and services. This is crucial for generating profits and improving key performance indicators (KPIs). To accomplish this, companies often resort to employing "dark patterns," a term referring to hidden design patterns utilized in their interfaces.
people considering the need for service design
Business and services
When should a service designer be involved in a project?
We advice you in which cases a service designer should be involved in the project and what benefits the implementation of service design can bring. Find out what are the symptoms of a lack of service design in business, what control questions will help you figure out if you could consider involving a service designer in your project, and much more.
Illustration of documents that are managed centrally with Comala Document Management
Atlassian solutions
Take control of your documentation with Comala Document Management add-on
Looking for a game-changing solution to revolutionize your Confluence experience? Enter the Comala document management plugin. Say goodbye to information overload and welcome a new era of streamlined collaboration. Discover how Comala empowers teams to work smarter, not harder.
a person investigating the use of no code and low code solutions
Technology and solutions
What should you consider when planning to adopt low-code or no-code tools?
We will discuss the main differences between low-code and no-code solutions and discuss the benefits our clients could gain from them. We will list the important nuances of low-code/no-code tools that you should consider when making IT decisions within your organization.
a door sign that says Brainery + Spacebar
TWN Life
Trinidad Wiseman's office is where work and play come together, creating a vibrant environment for both productivity and relaxation
Smart companies know that modern offices need to be more than just workspaces since there's no need to come to the office solely for work. When planning our office, we carefully gathered suggestions and feedback to capture important details for everyone working here. Today, we want to introduce the newest and most versatile addition to our office space: Brainery+Spacebar.
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