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people are doing teamwork, in the backround there are screens with Atlassian tools
Atlassian solutions
Changes regarding the end of sales for Server platform
In October this year, Atlassian introduced a journey for the following years regarding the end of support for Server platform. In this article, we will set out a detailed timeline for the upcoming changes and talk about the possibilities of data migration.
video teemalised ikoonid
tools & software
Software for creating the perfect video
Making videos is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Making a simple video involves only four steps, in the following post, we will take a closer look at some of the more popular software used for simplifying the journey of video creation.
Man sitting in front of computer
News archive
World Usability Day Estonia 2020 – the usability conference is here again
The 12th user experience conference World Usability Day Estonia 2020 will be taking place from November 23–27, 2020. The event is one of the largest UX, web and interaction design events in the Baltics.
Drupal 9
Technology and solutions
Why choose the new Drupal 9?
The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new reality where online services are increasingly more important to us in order to be able to run our day-to-day lives. The situation creates opportunities for those who go with the flow but is a hindrance for those who don’t react fast enough.
Students with paperless graduation certificates
News archive
Trinidad Wiseman developed the new e-diploma service for the Ministry of Education and Research
The aim of the project was to create a paperless service of graduation documents and certificates. As a result of this project, graduates received a digital diploma in addition to the traditional paper diploma.
 icons: wheelchair, hourglass, accessibility
User and user-centered design
Common misunderstandings of accessibility
When it comes to ease of use and a user-centric approach, there is no going over or around accessibility. Ensuring accessibility revolves around various myths and misconceptions that cause confusion for both developers and product owners.
e-commerce  and magnifying glass
Technology and solutions
What to keep in mind when creating and testing a user-friendly online store?
In addition to marketing and pricing policy, the customer's purchasing decision in the intense competition of the e-store is greatly influenced by the purchasing process and interaction. In other words, everything a customer experiences when making a purchase from their device.
doctors in the clinic
News archive
A new IT solution will help make medicine authenticity verification in Estonia more efficient
Uo until the summer of 2020, alerts related to the authentication of medicines were processed entirely through manual labour. Given the large number of alerts, it was considered appropriate to automate the processes as much as possible.
Red, Oink, Blue and yellow puzzle pieces
User and user-centered design
How to Use the 80/20 Rule in Web Accessibility?
Web accessibility is a big and important topic, but it can seem complicated and intimidating at first glance. From 2025, websites must comply with WCAG 2.1 standard AA level. Here are the 10 most critical things to start with to improve accessibility.
Robot kass
Technology and solutions
Automated robots in your business
The cost of IT infrastructure, which includes the development of information systems or the introduction of new systems, can amount to hundreds of thousands of euros. This makes the introduction of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) more and more attractive for companies.
Öine linnavaade
tools & software
Don't be afraid of test automation
There is an increasing need to create an automated testing framework for agile development that would free up and save time and money. I started looking for tools that are user-friendly and can be used to create automated tests for web solutions completely code-free.
a man is standing at cross road, tryinbg to find his way with  the help of navigation signs
User and user-centered design
Why is website navigation important? Which menu navigation is good?
The user-friendliness and good navigation of the website ensure the user's satisfaction, giving him logical and easy access to the information he is looking for.
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