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project manager for the maintenance of information systems and webs
Technology and solutions
Maintenance of websites and information systems as a critical link that is often underestimated
Your new website or information system has just been developed and works flawlessly, but the work is not over yet. The software world is constantly changing, starting with security updates and ending with version changes, which is why software requires regular maintenance.
Managing software development
How to plan a development project in terms of deadlines?
Technological solutions are important in increasing the company's efficiency, profitability and improving processes. We often talk about how products and services must reach consumers faster and be more easily accessible while considering different scenarios.
Red-pink hot air balloons flying above the clouds
Atlassian solutions
What has changed on the Atlassian Cloud platform during the past half a year?
Focusing first and foremost on Cloud, Atlassian is making profound investments and updates on the platform. The following will introduce you to 21 remarkable improvements on Atlassian Cloud from user experience and Jira administrating perspectives.
illustration of the transfer of the project to the European Commission
Technology and solutions
How to successfully carry out a project with 4 partners in just 6 months?
When you put together a tight timeframe, several stakeholders, and an international team of specialists from four different companies, what do you get? A very exciting challenge. Below, you can read about the challenges of such a complex project, how we overcame them, and the project's result.
illustration of different programming languages
tools & software
Java is pretty cool .. but there are other options
Java is everywhere. A language, created more than 25 years ago for home appliances, has become one of the most popular programming languages ​​in enterprise systems for its easy-to-understand syntax, cross-platform, and object-oriented style.
Robots taking over the world. Colours: midnight blue, light blue, neon pink, neon green.
Atlassian solutions
Jira Software or Jira Work Management? 7 aspects to consider when making a decision
We are often asked about the differences between Jira Software and Jira Work Management. In the following post, we outline the functionalities of Jira Work Management like forms and project templates. Furthermore, we compare boards, timeline, and list views.
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UX/UI Design
What are the 6 main benefits of design systems in creating software solutions?
Design systems help speed up the software development process and improve its quality. I am Hardi Niilo - Design Systems, Visuals & Accessibility Team Lead at TWN (Trinidad Wiseman); I will talk more about the design system and its main benefits in this article.
Mari-Ell Mets photo
User and user-centered design
Who is WAS - Web Accessibility Specialist?
An accessible website is more flexible and user-friendly and suits different needs, preferences and situations. Accessible web is a major step towards a more independent life for people with special needs and the elderly, enabling them to use online services, information and entertainment. Trinidad Wiseman has been committed to improving digital accessibility for years.
Helena profile picture
TWN Life
TWN Life: Our UX and Confluence Consultant: "I've been a true UX fan since high school, and in my spare time, I love to cook various vegan dishes."
In the blog series TWNLife, we get to know the talented team members of Trinidad Wiseman from different roles. We talk about careers and hobbies, what they did before joining TWN, and ask some fun questions. This time we interviewed our UX and Confluence consultant and trainer, Helena.
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Technology and solutions
How we sought to plan the unplannable, i.e. how we digitized the process of reporting traffic accidents
Many of us might have, at some point, found ourselves involved in a car accident. Regardless of the circumstances of a specific accident, it is an extremely stressful situation for anyone - after all, health, money and time are at stake. Among many other factors, the situation must be recorded, and the collected information must be forwarded to the insurance providers.
Illustration with a dark blue background where different types of data is connected o Cloud
Atlassian solutions
Atlas, Data Lake&Anaytics and Automation for Confluence – introducing the freshest product news from Atlassian Summit 2022
Atlassian Summit 2022 took place once again in Las Vegas and as a digital experience at the beginning of April. We will share with you the latest news about new products and features that help to bring openness, clarity, agility and productivity into organizations and teams.  
pictures of TWN's new office, roof terrace and lighting solution
TWN Life
The superheroes of Trinidad Wiseman's new office: green thinking and eye-friendly lighting solutions
Since December 2021, our Tallinn team has been working in the new office in the Grüne business center. Our Rakvere team has also recently moved to a new "green" and modern office environment. We carefully planned and considered all the important details needed for a comfortable work environment already in the construction phase.
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