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Various client personas in it projects all in same image
Managing software development
Client types in IT development projects
A good software system is a joint creation of the customer and the developer. With some clients, the project goes easier than with another. We wrote below a light humour prism from the representatives of the client, whose participation in the project makes it a much bigger challenge for everyone than necessary.
A Lady explains WCAG  icons to a man in a wheelchair
User and user-centered design
How to design for accessibility?
Improving the accessibility of e-environments often tends to focus only on giving orders to web developers, although much of the accessibility issues can actually be fixed in the design phase. In this post we focus on simple solutions to use when designing an accessible page.
Cat flying with a parachute wearing a 404 error t-shirt
User and user-centered design
What to keep in mind when testing web solutions?
Testing web solutions, such as information systems, online stores, and portals, is much more complex and exciting than clicking through an application, which is often equated with testing. In this article, we will not be describing the different types of testing; instead, we will focus on the methods chosen and provide specific examples.
Praktiline virtuaalreaalsus, mees VR peaseadmega
Technology and solutions
Practical Virtual Reality and its Growing Uses for Web
There is more and more talk about virtual reality as a practical tool. In many areas, virtual and augmented reality has become an indispensable tool for solving complex tasks. For example, in medicine to practice surgery, in design to create car models, in construction to visualise projects, etc.
Testimine kaasates erivajadustega inimesi
User and user-centered design
What to consider when planning a usability test that includes people with special needs
When evaluating the accessibility of an online environment, it is important to incorporate an expert’s review in addition to the automatic checks. But besides meeting the WCAG standard, there are additional aspects to the website that can make or break the user’s experience.
Microcopy ehk pisitekstid
User and user-centered design
What is microcopy and how to write it
What characterizes a good user experience? Thoughtful placement of elements on the page? Easy navigation? Modern visual design? Definitely all of them! But there is another important part of the user experience that often does not receive the attention it deserves and is left to chance - it is microcopy.
Kriisiaja kogemused, teenusedisain ja kontaktivabad teenused
News archive
How Estonian companies redesigned their services in the COVID-19 crisis
For many companies, the COVID-19 virus has thwarted all of their plans for 2020. The data that supported sales forecasts, marketing strategies, rental plans, and product development is no longer relevant. History has taught us that sustained long-term crises reshape both consumer and market behaviour.
Pilt juurdepääsetavuse kohta. Autor Mari-Ell Mets
User and user-centered design
How everybody benefits from accessibility
When we say something is accessible, it means it’s usable for as many people as possible, regardless of their age, knowledge, abilities or disabilities. Overall, an accessible website is just more flexible and suits with a wider selection of needs and preferences. By investing in accessibility, we also invest in usability.
E-poe arendus Trinidad Wiseman
Technology and solutions
Custom-Made Online Store vs an Out-of-the-Box solution?
Shopping online does not just mean using desktop and laptop computers anymore; it is anytime, anywhere. Customers use multiple different devices to purchase food, clothes, electronics, to make payments etc. But choosing the best eCommerce platform is one of the most important decisions that you will make on your eCommerce journey.
Sailing map Kaur Klaamann
Atlassian solutions
Life on a sailboat and working remotely from the sea
During the time when coworking spaces and hotdesking are the cool new things, working and living on the boat is taking it one step further. Meet Kaur Klaamann, Trinidad Wiseman Atlassian consultant and his girlfriend, who decided to leave behind their life in Estonia, for a life at sea aboard their 30-foot sailboat, Ronja. Below, we detail their maritime remote-work lifestyle.
Testimine IT projektides
Managing software development
The role of testing in the development process 
High-quality software consists of many different aspects, both from the end-users' and client's point of view. For example, if we take the example of a car, then in addition to having a good appearance, other important criteria that people have for it are ease of use, ergonomics, reliability, maintenance etc. The same principle applies to software.
Atlassian solutions
Updating the intranet
As a company grows, the internal communication should be supported by a well-functioning intranet. Nobody likes spending time on searching for information from e-mails and hard drives or wondering if a document is up to date. Here comes the help of the intranet, which helps to keep all the necessary information with the latest updates in one place.
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