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User and user-centered design
How to facilitate a successful remote workshop
Success boosts those who are able to adapt to changing circumstances. In product development one great way to align the whole company with common goals and business needs at the same time, is to do it in via co-design workshops in product development process, which are conducted by user experience designers.
User and user-centered design
How to create contactless services?
Over the recent months, there has been more discussions about contactless services. Companies whose service has always been contactless will definitely do better in today's market situation. The situation is difficult for those who have so far only offered a counter service. Read our blog on how to create contactless services.
native and cross-platform approach in developing mobile apps
Technology and solutions
Native versus cross-platform: which approach should you use?
Planning the development of a mobile app is not an easy task - it requires lots of research and decision-making. Choosing the best development tools and frameworks for your needs is one of those important decisions. Should you use native or cross-platform approach? Here is an analysis of pros and cons of both approaches.
Mood and emotions Neuro UX
User and user-centered design
We all have moods and feelings - how do we measure this in user tests?
There are more and more brands emerging in different sectors, offering a wide variety of digital solutions. This raises questions to many service providers; how can their product or service stand out from the competition? Is focusing solely on user experience enough to find and keep your users?
Disain ja animatsioonid
User and user-centered design
Liven up your designs with animations?
Digital environments we use daily can often feel a little cold and static, especially considering that the real world is constantly in motion. Animated graphics can carry a lot of information, that may be harder or take longer to describe in words or simple static imagery. While illustrations are often used to compliment text and make it more digestible.
User and user-centered design
Introduction to gamification and its role in user experience design
The term gamification is more familiar to people in non-gaming environments than it was a decade ago. Even if you haven't heard the term before today, you've probably encountered it more than you can imagine. What exactly is it and why is it important? What kind of a role does it play in UX design?
Managing software development
How we developed a new web platform for Afghanistan’s government websites?
We have recently delivered a content management system (CMS) and user interface design to the government of Afghanistan, which will be used by more than 180 state authorities. The CMS platform was developed on Drupal 8, and its interface is available in English, Dari and Pashto. The first web pages are live already. 
WUD speakers 2019
User and user-centered design
World Usability Day Estonia 2019 conference
WUD Tallinn conference is the largest user experience design event in the Baltics and will take place for the 12th time this year. Practical workshops will take place the day before and after the conference. This year, the event brings together more than 600 designers, students, developers and those interested in innovative services.
User and user-centered design
NEW launch - proactive services (family and parental benefits) are LIVE
The Republic of Estonia Social Insurance Board has completed its first proactive service and starting from today, parents are able to apply for family allowances without an application, in a self-service manner. The Insurance Board pays 44 million euros in family allowances and parental benefits to 156,000 and 19,000 people, respectively.
Isa taotlemas ühe klikiga mobiilist perehüvitisi
User and user-centered design
How to create proactive and user-friendly public services?
In October, Estonian Social Insurance Board opened its online service bureau where people can administer their services and benefits. Initially, people have been given the opportunity to use an application-free family allowance service (receiving childbirth allowance, parental benefits and child allowance). This information system is special for its proactive services.
Hegle Sarapuu-Johanson
User and user-centered design
Where is UX design headed?
The impetus of UX (user experience) is stronger than ever, and emerging trends show that brands and organisations have no intention of stopping the development to create more user-friendly solutions. Where is UX design headed? What can we expect to see more of in the coming months and years? Are trends even important or maybe even counter-productive?
Datadriven decision making
Business and services
Data-driven decision-making – how to get started with bi?
Starting with Data Driven decision making seems an insurmountable challenge for many companies. The need for a data lake is often added to the topic. Depending on the company, the effort and investment to deal with it is considered high and considered unnecessary.
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