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illustration of the stages of how a small project will grow into a large project
Managing software development
Methodical software development - what must be considered when a small project suddenly becomes large
Not all software development projects are necessarily large, at least not at the beginning. What happens when a small project, built by 1-2 developers and a designer at a moderate pace, suddenly gets a large budget, and the scope of work increases significantly? Is it enough to multiply the number of team members? 
our team enjoying coffee
TWN Life
Coffee break in Trinidad Wiseman, how did we choose coffee machines for our offices
Many exciting and not-so-interesting technical details need to be analyzed and considered when planning a new office. The choice of new coffee machines was one of them. It was a pleasant task to have a little fun between other jobs. But it soon became apparent that choosing a coffee machine would not be easy.
Illustration of two people on a hot air balloon taking off and looking ahead for the bright future.
Atlassian solutions
Trinidad Wiseman presents Atlassian in the Baltics 2022 – come and listen to customer success stories, expand your network and get the latest product news
The biggest event gathering Atlassian community in the Baltic states takes place on the 31st of March. Get inspired by customer success stories and learn more about valuable applications and latest product news.
twn team working with projects
TWN Life
An insight into Trinidad Wiseman's projects - what are we actually doing?
We are often asked what kind of work our people do daily. This time, let's take a quick look at our specialists' time and what exciting projects were on our desk in January 2022. Statistics show that we have about 150 different client projects in operation in one month at the same time.
illustration with letters money and Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
TWN Life
At Trinidad Wiseman, we share the money we receive from our clients with our specialists.
From our previous articles, you are already familiar with the culture and values of Trinidad Wiseman (TWN). You found out how hybrid work works for us and what development and learning opportunities exist in TWN. Our CEO and founder, Ander Tenno, talks about money or our payroll model in this article.
Illustration of people who celebrate Jira's best practises.
Atlassian solutions
If you are thinking about getting most out of your Jira, start here – 6 best practices for Jira fans
When thinking about a Jira that has optimal administration fees, is scalable and user friendly, it is worth considering some of the best practices when it comes implementation and maintenance. The following blog post introduces you 6 best practices for Jira, that are not strict rules but rather a food for thought :)
prototyping tricks from one to five
User and user-centered design
5 Tips for Successful Software Prototyping
Prototyping goes hand in hand with creating almost any software solution. Improving a prototype is significantly faster, easier, and cheaper than introducing improvements to a ready-made solution.
TWN team picture and picture where our team studying materials at the meeting
TWN Life
Trinidad Wiseman's path of development: a good specialist is much more than that of a particular technology or method
At Trinidad Wiseman, we believe that a developer is not just a specialist specializing in React or designer Figma. A good specialist is something much more! Today, you will discover why we have created development paths for professionals and how learning and mentoring work at TWN.
Illustration of people managing different views in Confluence
Atlassian solutions
Confluence as a project management tool, knowledge base or intranet
Confluence is a flexible tool for information management with many different implementation options. In the following blog post we will introduce you three main possibilities with examples on how to make Confluence work for your organization's needs. In addition, we will reveal how we use Confluence in TWN and what we like most about its functionalities.
team lead Helen Kirs portrait
TWN Life
TWN life: Service Design, Analysis & UX Design Team Lead: "I like public sector projects. I feel proud that I have been involved in creating important services for the people of Estonia. "
We continue with the blog series "TWN Life" with talented TWN team members. We talk about careers, hobbies and ask some fun questions. We interviewed Helen, Service Design, Analysis & UX Design Team Lead.
TWNikad kontoris tööd tegemas
TWN Life
Hybrid work - a new trend or something more?
We recently talked about what differentiates working in Trinidad Wiseman from other IT companies. In this article, we explore the founder and CEO of Ander Tenno, what hybrid work in Trinidad Wiseman means, and how to find the right balance for everyone. Read on to discover why Trinidad Wiseman doesn't want to be a remote-first organization.
trinidad wiseman various team events
TWN Life
Trinidad Wiseman: A top team, not a family
I did several interesting interviews with our CEO and founder, Ander Tenno, and found out why we do things this way and what sets us apart from other companies in the IT sector. In the next few months, we will bring you a series of articles in which Ander talks about the functioning, strategy, and culture of Trinidad Wiseman (TWN) with open cards.
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