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Illustration of a woman introducing to the audience Atlassian's Point A program and Open DevOps experience
Atlassian solutions
Atlassian Team '21 digital conference product news
Today we will give an overview of the most exciting news announced during Atlassian Team '21 digital conference. We will take a closer look what is Point A by Atlassian, which new products will be soon on the market and which functionalities are added to existing products to maximize their performance.
An illustration of a woman behind a table visualizing how to migrate data from Excel to Insight.
Atlassian solutions
Why and how TWN implemented Insight - Asset Management plugin?
Let's take a look why Trinidad Wiseman office managers chose to manage assets with Insight plugin and how our Atlassian consultant helped to implement it. In addition, we will introduce ScanStar application compatible with Jira and Insight that brings asset management to next level.
people working on a protoype
User and user-centered design
Prototyping is more than just folding a paper plane
The need to create a prototype and the benefits prototypes bring are well understood, but often, people don't realise that to create a prototype, it is necessary to do a considerable amount of preliminary work, i.e. to collect the correct input using different methods, and to keep in mind all the needs and goals of all parties involved.
Mischa Coster portrait
User and user-centered design
Mischa Coster’s recommendations, how to most effectively influence people by means of persuasive communication.
Mischa Coster, MA, MSc, is a consultant, researcher and public speaker in the area of media psychology and persuasion. He was one of the speakers at the 2020 WUD conference and shared insights on how to most effectively influence people by means of persuasive communication.
illustration of people holding a security icon in their hands
Technology and solutions
Any of us could fall victim to cyberattacks – how to protect ourselves? Part 2
Last week, we provided you with an introduction to the dark world of cyberattacks. For this week’s article Trinidad Wiseman development team provide you with a list of recommendations to help you prevent cyberattacks against your website and computer system.
A man and a woman visualizing different Jira Automation integration options with other tools
Atlassian solutions
Jira automation - automate repetitive actions
Repetitive actions in Jira can reduce valuable working time. In the following blog post we will introduce Jira Automation that enables you to automate repetitive processes, so your team's time can be used most efficiently. We will describe the main features of Jira Automation and common use cases.
a cyber criminal hacking
News archive
Any of us could fall victim to cyberattacks – how to protect ourselves? Part 1
We conducted an interview on the subject of cyberattacks with developers at Trinidad Wiseman, why someone might perpetrate cyberattacks, what the potential consequences of that may be, and we will also provide some suggestions on how you can protect yourself from all of it. 
Portrait of Tarvi, software architect in Trinidad Wiseman
News archive
TWN Life: our developer Tarvi – “If I wasn’t an IT developer, I’d be working in aviation”
We are starting a new blog series called TWN Life where we will be introducing you to some of the wonderful and hard-working people at Trinidad Wiseman (TWN). We will talk about their work, hobbies, what they did before joining TWN. We conducted the first interview with our developer Tarvi, who is going on his 13th year at TWN.
An illustration of a man planning and managing different assets in Insight
Atlassian solutions
Insight - Asset Management plugin for asset and service management
How to create logical connections and dependencies between different services and assets? Offices, teams or software - managing them on a big scale is not a trivial task. As follows, we will introduce Insight plugin, where you can create an overview that is valuable for your organization.
Naine läptopiga -brändi värskendus
Technology and solutions
What if an existing brand no longer supports your business goals?
Have you recently created new services, products or digital solutions and felt that an existing brand might not be quite right anymore? You are noticing that companies around you are evolving, changing, and their actions and faces change over time - should you change your brand too?
an illustration showing the turn of the year 2021 and 2020 and people using diagrams to discuss the company's results and future forecasts
News archive
Trinidad Wiseman on ICT in 2020 and upcoming trends in 2021 – part 2
The leading personnel at Trinidad Wiseman will talk about the most important changes and achievements of 2020 and the most important trends in the fields of WCAG and UX design, business analysis, service design, e-country, and digital state services and Atlassian products in 2021.
Service Management with Jira Service Management
Atlassian solutions
Jira Service Management - next generation helpdesk tool
In the current blog post we give an overview of the new Jira Service Management and go through most important new features on Cloud and Data Center platforms. We take a closer at how to implement service portfolio, change management and asset management and describe the possibilities how to handle critical incidents fast and effectively.
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