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JIRA Service Desk 2.0 Comes With New Features and Pricing
As an Atlassian expert since 2008, we have seen that many use JIRA as a service desk tool, but are not familiar with JIRA's own Service Desk extension.
User and user-centered design
18 Things Customers Ask About Interaction Design And UX
Interaction design is a key component of a much larger UX design process. Here you will find a list of the most common questions asked from UX designers.
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Overview Of The SummerCamp4Startups 2014 Event

SummerCamp4Startups took place once again on the 14-15th of August in Nelijärve, a beautiful location near Tallinn. Trinidad was represented by Marko Nemberg (as a mentor) and myself, Katri. The goal of the event was to bring together folks who already have a startup, are planning to build one, or are interested in the startup lifestyle.

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Enterprise Estonia’s Innovation Voucher Grant is Open Again
One of the major changes is that this time you can no longer have joint applications and the new support limit is now up to 80%. The limit is 4000 euros.
Managing software development
Is Waterscrum The Answer To Large Development Projects?
In our previous article we talked about the role of an interaction designer in an agile environment. This time we are seeking answers to the question: is agile development always a good way to go?
User and user-centered design
Seven Challenges for Interaction Designers Working in Agile Teams and How to Fix Them
We hear a lot about Scrum and other agile approaches. Among the buzz is an interaction designer who`s work methods are a bit different from the developers`.
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Summary of the 2nd EstCHI Meetup in Tallinn

Last week we held our second EstCHI meetup. Despite the late announcement we again had a full house of people from nearly all fields – from developers to designers to government officials, and IxD students.

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Trinidad’s Event Schedule for April and May

This is turning out to be a busy time for Trinidad as our designers will be popping up at several different conferences and events in the next coming weeks.

User and user-centered design
Axure RP Tabbed Menu Tutorial plus a FREE Widget for Download
Welcome to our article series about prototyping. In our mind one of the best tools for this is Axure RP, but not a lot of people know how to fully use the software. To remedy this problem we will be sharing some of the tips and tricks of our favorite prototyping tool. In one of my recent projects I needed vertical tabs where the active state of the tab would form a seamless outline with the contents outline. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a vertical tab widget.
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Looking Back to the 1st EstCHI Meetup – Blazing Success!

On the 27th of May we gathered at the Garage48 HUB to host the first ever EstCHI meetup in Estonia. EstCHI is the Estonian chapter of the ACM SIGCHI, one of the largest Human-Computer Interaction organizations in the world. Make sure to check out their Facebook site.

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Managing software development
Project Supervision – What Lies Behind the Term?

When we are talking about project supervision a lot of us get an image of a snarky consultant who is usually called in at the end of the project. The consultant is often seen neck deep in documentation, making sure the papers and the system are both correct.

If this sounds a lot like your project supervisor then instead of supervision he is in fact performing an audit. This is not software project supervision the way we see it here at Trinidad Consulting.


User and user-centered design
Who is Who in User Experience Design?
Since a lot of our readers are often asking us about the roles of user experience designers, information architects, accessibility specialists and others...
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