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Jira Product Discovery – ideas into product

In the summer of 2023, Atlassian released a new tool - Jira Product Discovery. The software aimed at product teams creates a holistic approach to the software development life cycle in the Atlassian product family. Now, product managers can collaborate directly with stakeholders and development and user support teams. Let's dive into Jira Product Management features!

Atlassian Community in Estonia - a forum and community for ardent Atlassian fans

Kerli Loopman, an experienced Atlassian consultant with years of experience working with Atlassian products, has recently joined our team. Alongside her daily responsibilities, she also took on the role of managing the Estonian branch of the Atlassian Community since last fall. In this insightful interview, Kerli shares the purpose of the Atlassian Community, its target audience, and provides a glimpse into what can be expected in the future.