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What is an API?
Did you know that a significant part of your digital experience is based on API-s? APIs are what help you to compare, purchase, save, select, post and log into various environments. APIs play an integral part in operating systems, desktops, mobile phones, internet of things, IT infrastructure as well as software development architecture. That is pretty much everywhere! This is why it is high time to speak about them.
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User and user-centered design
Who needs a prototype?

Prototyping has become a popular design practice valued by customers and loved by user experience designers as a fast, efficient and fun way to visualize ideas. A prototype helps to understand and explore the possibilities and limitations that arise when they are built as a visual and interactive solution and tested on users.

Atlassian solutions
"Atlassian in Baltics 2019" - we are proud to be part of such a thriving ecosystem
180 people attended the first "Atlassian in Baltics" conference on the 28th of March in Tallinn Hilton Park Hotel.  There is a huge system around Atlassian, which consists of products, resources and assets for users. Our conference provided a glimpse into the Atlassian Ecosystem by showcasing just a few of its components and also built the local Atlassian community stronger.
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User and user-centered design
How to measure usability (Part III: building a metric system)

In the second part of this series, we gave advice on what to keep in mind upon creating metrics and how to start creating a system.  In the final part we discuss metric formulas and calculations, explain how to interpret the results and what to do with the information.


User and user-centered design
How to measure usability? (Part II: Usability metrics)

In the first part of “How to measure usability?", we explored the purpose and usefulness of metrics. In this article, we give advice on what to keep in mind upon pic

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User and user-centered design
How to measure usability? (Part I)

There are various ways to measure usability. The most common methods include carrying out user surveys and/or polls, conducting user tests and measuring user statistics. Each method has its own important role and appropriate time in the process of measuring usability and product development as a whole.

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Atlassian solutions
Tips for planning an intranet project
Intranet was used mainly as a document repository or, at best, as a means for solving problems connected to internal communication, and making information exchange, processes and HR planning more effective. Today, however, many people expect a lot more from an intranet. Why is it so?
WUD Tallinn 2018
User and user-centered design
World Usability Day Conference: retrospect and future

World Usability Day Tallinn is the #1 conference for User Experience professionals in Estonia and the largest UX-web- and interaction design event in Baltics. WUD Tallinn is accompanied by hands-on workshops and tutorials on the days before and after the main event. 

Eshop trends
Managing software development
Award-winning Case-study: Breden's Online store

E-commerce has been growing an average of 25% a year globally and as many as 30% in Estonia. Many new e-traders are entering the market. To achieve success, traders are looking for the best technological solutions, spend a lot on web marketing and endeavour to offer the best customer experiences.

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User and user-centered design
The broad field of analysis
One can analyse everything – data, things, processes, events etc. Depending on what is being analysed, the correct methodologies will be used. Without a thorough preparation, the analysis will not usually be successful. Every analysis should be done systematically. Analysis could, therefore, be defined as dividing the whole into connected pieces.
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User and user-centered design
Service Design and the Role of User Journey
Services are everywhere around us. Every day we use public transport, go to cafés, use postal services etc. The services are created to satisfy the needs of people and are targeted for certain people who need these services.
User and user-centered design
Prototyping: better communication and smaller expenses
In 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the first-ever iPhone, in his presentation he seamlessly used many different iPhone models (prototypes). The reason for that was simple. One iPhone could not perform every task and was not able to contain every single function of an iPhone.
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