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Major ICT Trends that Trinidad Wiseman Will Invest in for the Near Future

We take a look at the ICT sector as a whole, as well as the specific areas in which Trinidad Wiseman (hereinafter TWN) is involved. We provide an overview of influential trends in business analytics, e-government services, service design, accessibility, and neuro-UX. We discuss ESG (environmental-social-governance) sustainability reporting and Atlassian tools as a foundation for digital transformation.

How We Consume and What Will Be Offered to Us in 2023?

In this article, our UX designer and future-thinking enthusiast Madeleine Tults talks more about such an exciting topic as futurism and explains how to use it to detect trends affecting our lives. We live in a complex time of crises and shocks, when thinking about the future has become more important and vital for people than ever before.

Trinidad Wiseman acquired a strategic stake in Intelex Insight, the largest Microsoft business analytics company in the Baltic States

Trinidad Wiseman has acquired a 47% stake in Intelex Insight, the largest data science, business analytics and machine learning company in the Baltics specializing in the Microsoft BI platform and Power BI. As a result of the transaction, Intelex Insight will become Trinidad Wiseman's machine learning and business analytics centre, enabling the latter to offer new data science-based services to its clients.