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an illustration of a man trying to make a decision in favor of Atlassian Cloud or Data Center platform
Atlassian solutions
Let's compare Atlassian’s Cloud and Data Center platforms
Atlassian has announced their roadmap for end-of-support on their Server platform in 2024. Sooner or later, customers on the Server platform need to start thinking about moving to Cloud or Data Center. How to be sure which option covers your organization's needs? In the article, we will take a closer look at both platforms.
The girl looks at different product packages at the same time
User and user-centered design
How to test product packaging designs with brainwaves?
In this article, we will be talking about human reactions, measuring and interpreting human brainwaves, and about how the information gathered from the previous can be used to help product development and marketing teams make more consumer-friendly decisions.
Illustration of Snooze Fall: girl is flying towards her bed in a dream
News archive
Game development – a fun break from your daily work routine
For years, we have been trying to get together a team of people who would be interested in making a game. Something has always come up or we have not been able to get together a big enough group to actually participate or create something.
People using mobile apps: a girl taking a selfie, another girl in a wheelchair looking at her mobile phone
User and user-centered design
How to create an accessible mobile app?
The internet is accessed much more via mobile devices than computers, and that trend is growing. Mobile devices are also being used by children and the elderly as well as by people with various special needs who all wish to be able to use the web conveniently and independently.
people are moving between various details that makes them feel various emotions, for example a shop, a book,  puzzle, a clock etc
User and user-centered design
Design is not only how something looks and works, but also how it makes you feel
Why does someone prefer your company to your competitors? We make purchasing decision based on our emotions and only later start thinking about it more and adding in the rationale behind that decision.
UX designer is drawing the user journey onto the board and UI designer is creating components in computer.
User and user-centered design
When to pick a UX designer and when to pick a UI designer for your project?
With input from Hegle Sarapuu-Johanson, Head of Service Design at Trinidad Wiseman, this article will help clarify when you should decide for UX, when for UI and when both of those fields should be covered by one person.
people are doing teamwork, in the backround there are screens with Atlassian tools
Atlassian solutions
Changes regarding the end of sales for Server platform
In October this year, Atlassian introduced a journey for the following years regarding the end of support for Server platform. In this article, we will set out a detailed timeline for the upcoming changes and talk about the possibilities of data migration.
video teemalised ikoonid
tools & software
Software for creating the perfect video
Making videos is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Making a simple video involves only four steps, in the following post, we will take a closer look at some of the more popular software used for simplifying the journey of video creation.
Man sitting in front of computer
News archive
World Usability Day Estonia 2020 – the usability conference is here again
The 12th user experience conference World Usability Day Estonia 2020 will be taking place from November 23–27, 2020. The event is one of the largest UX, web and interaction design events in the Baltics.
Drupal 9
Technology and solutions
Why choose the new Drupal 9?
The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new reality where online services are increasingly more important to us in order to be able to run our day-to-day lives. The situation creates opportunities for those who go with the flow but is a hindrance for those who don’t react fast enough.
Students with paperless graduation certificates
News archive
Trinidad Wiseman developed the new e-diploma service for the Ministry of Education and Research
The aim of the project was to create a paperless service of graduation documents and certificates. As a result of this project, graduates received a digital diploma in addition to the traditional paper diploma.
 icons: wheelchair, hourglass, accessibility
User and user-centered design
Common misunderstandings of accessibility
When it comes to ease of use and a user-centric approach, there is no going over or around accessibility. Ensuring accessibility revolves around various myths and misconceptions that cause confusion for both developers and product owners.
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