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User and user-centered design
How to Use the 80/20 Rule in Web Accessibility?
Web accessibility is a big and important topic, but it can seem complicated and intimidating at first glance. From 2025, websites must comply with WCAG 2.1 standard AA level. Here are the 10 most critical things to start with to improve accessibility.
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Technology and solutions
Automated robots in your business
The cost of IT infrastructure, which includes the development of information systems or the introduction of new systems, can amount to hundreds of thousands of euros. This makes the introduction of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) more and more attractive for companies.
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tools & software
Don't be afraid of test automation
There is an increasing need to create an automated testing framework for agile development that would free up and save time and money. I started looking for tools that are user-friendly and can be used to create automated tests for web solutions completely code-free.
a man is standing at cross road, tryinbg to find his way with  the help of navigation signs
User and user-centered design
Why is website navigation important? Which menu navigation is good?
The user-friendliness and good navigation of the website ensure the user's satisfaction, giving him logical and easy access to the information he is looking for.
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Technology and solutions
5 ways to improve your website content
Businesses and webmasters, among other things, have one of the biggest ways to figure out how and what content to offer their current and potential customers. In this article you will find 5 tips that you should definitely consider when creating website content.
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Managing software development
How can a tester create added value?
The main task of the tester could be defined as the delivery of a quality product with as few defects as possible to the product owner within various constraints, such as deadline, budget and team. To achieve this, the tester can contribute on a much wider scale than just matching the development.
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Managing software development
What are design systems?
Design System is a big thing in UX Design Process... It allows project teams to collaborate better. Its purpose is to describe the design decisions and technical solutions on the basis of which user interfaces are produced. The end result is a better product for users. This article fills the gaps in the knowledge and covers every aspect of this matter.
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Managing software development
Client types in IT development projects
A good software system is a joint creation of the customer and the developer. With some clients, the project goes easier than with another. We wrote below a light humour prism from the representatives of the client, whose participation in the project makes it a much bigger challenge for everyone than necessary.
A Lady explains WCAG  icons to a man in a wheelchair
User and user-centered design
How to design for accessibility?
Improving the accessibility of e-environments often tends to focus only on giving orders to web developers, although much of the accessibility issues can actually be fixed in the design phase. In this post we focus on simple solutions to use when designing an accessible page.
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User and user-centered design
What to keep in mind when testing web solutions?
Testing web solutions, such as information systems, online stores, and portals, is much more complex and exciting than clicking through an application, which is often equated with testing. In this article, we will not be describing the different types of testing; instead, we will focus on the methods chosen and provide specific examples.
Praktiline virtuaalreaalsus, mees VR peaseadmega
Technology and solutions
Practical Virtual Reality and its Growing Uses for Web
There is more and more talk about virtual reality as a practical tool. In many areas, virtual and augmented reality has become an indispensable tool for solving complex tasks. For example, in medicine to practice surgery, in design to create car models, in construction to visualise projects, etc.
Testimine kaasates erivajadustega inimesi
User and user-centered design
What to consider when planning a usability test that includes people with special needs
When evaluating the accessibility of an online environment, it is important to incorporate an expert’s review in addition to the automatic checks. But besides meeting the WCAG standard, there are additional aspects to the website that can make or break the user’s experience.
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