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Two women looking at different data statistics and thinking about its location.
Atlassian solutions
Data residency for Atlassian Cloud product plans
Until July 2021, data residency was available only for Enterprise plans, but now there are great news also for Atlassian Cloud Standard and Premium plan customers. In the following blog post we will point out types of data that can be pinned to a preferred location.
illustration of the different steps that follow the creation of the service plan
Business and services
What happens after creating a service plan: a guide to next steps to help you go from the perfect service to its technical description
Let’s pretend that we have a traditional commercial company, and we have created a service plan to help us better understand the touchpoints between us and clients. What`s next?
designer designing on a computer screen
User and user-centered design
Accessibility problems caused by web designers
Web users, their knowledge, and capabilities can be quite different. A modern website that meets the European Union requirements is inclusive and accessible, which means it can be easily used by people with special needs, the elderly, children, as well as everyone else.
  Illustration of a man and woman benefitting from logged time in Tempo Timesheets.
Atlassian solutions
Tempo Timesheets - time tracking and reporting application for Jira
Time tracking can have many benefits - financial overview, scope estimations for future projects and planning teams' workload. Let's take a look how Tempo Timesheets application for Jira can help you implement time tracking for your organization.
Jaana portrait
TWN Life
TWN life: our service designer, “A sympathy for service design brought me to TWN. I like to think outside the box both in my professional and private life.”
We are continuing with our TWNLife blog series where we introduce you to the various talented team members of Trinidad Wiseman (TWN) across all roles. Today, we would like to introduce you to our service designer Jaana.
illustration of climbing a mountain, i.e. the process of prototyping
User and user-centered design
How do prototypes complement analyses? Part 2
Last week the Trinidad Wiseman service design team leads gave you an overview of what a user interface prototype is. We talked about validating prototypes with end users and also described different kinds of prototypes along with their advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will continue on the subject of prototyping.
illustration of women doing an analysis project
User and user-centered design
How do prototypes complement analyses? Part 1
We talked to Trinidad Wiseman’s service design team leads about prototyping. We asked them how to save on a project’s costs by prototyping and how prototypes can help both the analyst as well as the whole project team in their work.
Illustration of a curvy road that marks different issue types
Atlassian solutions
Advanced Roadmaps - overview of initiatives' and projects' realization
Tracking work across multiple projects, overview of dependencies across tickets and teams, planning teams' capacity and more - let's learn more of Advanced Roadmaps, a powerful tool in Jira that enables you to present organizations' initiatives and projects' progress on one timeline view.
Crab is managing process
Managing software development
Business process management
Business processes are one part of a company’s nature and the way it works. Managing them is related to activities such as defining, modelling, analysing, changing, implementing and tracking processes, and is one way of implementing change within a company.
Mari-Ell Mets speaking at the e-commerce conference
User and user-centered design
How to create the most user-friendly online store in Estonia
For the recent E-commerce UX conference, I assessed the user experience and accessibility of 37 Estonian e-shops. It’s safe to say that I got a good overview of the usability of Estonian online stores today. In this article, I will highlight the key features of a user-friendly e-shop and some mistakes to avoid.
Tanel portrait
News archive
TWN Life: our software testing engineer, “I became a software testing engineer by pure chance, and I’ve never looked back.”
We are continuing our blog series TWNLife. This time, we interview our software testing engineer Tanel. We talk about work life and hobbies, about what people did before they came to TWN, and we also throw in a few quirkier questions.
Illustration of a woman introducing to the audience Atlassian's Point A program and Open DevOps experience
Atlassian solutions
Atlassian Team '21 digital conference product news
Today we will give an overview of the most exciting news announced during Atlassian Team '21 digital conference. We will take a closer look what is Point A by Atlassian, which new products will be soon on the market and which functionalities are added to existing products to maximize their performance.
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