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When you least expect it

Some weeks ago we got an email from an Serbian researcher Vera Djuraskovic with a rather peculiar idea. Vera suggested that she would like to volunteer to translate the service page of our website into her native language of Serbo-Croatian. Naturally we were a bit skeptical at first, thinking that this must be a spammy robot and not a real person, but soon we realized we were wrong. 

Business and services
Social Games in Russia: the Past, Present & Future – Edgar Strods, Mail.Ru Group
Edgar Strods from the Mail.Ru Group gave a quick rundown of the Russian social networks at the Intergame 2013 game conference. He also shared some stunning insights about the social games in Russia
Business and services
SEO in Gaming: Key Success Factors – Matteo Monari, BizUp SRL
Matteo Monari from BizUp gave a really nice presentation about the importance of SEO in game websites. Read the article to find out the
Business and services
Game Development and Digital Growth in Europe - Dr. Malte Behrmann, EGDF
Malte Behrmann from EGDF gave us some highly interesting statistics about the European gaming industry and game development studios.
eric seufert
User and user-centered design
Big Data in Mobile Gaming: Optimizing the User Experience on iOS and Android – Eric Seufert

Cheap storage and a general lack of data often leads to less sophisticated statistical techniques when looking for insights while more data makes it easier to spot true trends and anomalies.

Lets talk about big data. Having a lot of different data points means you won`t have to normalize your findings and make any assumptions. Having less data will force youto make a lot of hard to verify assumptions.

Example - AB testing

User and user-centered design
The Short Way To a Perfect Game – Oleg Pridiuk, Unity
Oleg Pridiuk from Unity shared some genius insights on what makes a good game a blazing success story and a perfect game.
User and user-centered design
The Psychology of Gamification – Edvin Aedma, University of Tartu
The psychology of gamification explained in a simple way. Read more and you will also find some highly useful tips on game design. Come on, click me!
User and user-centered design
Stickiness Forever: Game Mechanics - Julian Migura, BoaCompra
Julian Migura from BoaCompra shared us some interesting points about game mechanics at the Intergame 2013 game conference.
Business and services
Post Mortem Imperia Online – Very Alive! Dobroslav Dimitrov, Imperia Online
The evolution of Imperia Online can be divided into several different eras. Lets take a look at the key decisions which lead to it becoming the game it is today.
Business and services
How To Use Crowdfunding as a Combined Funding and Marketing Campaign – Lasse Mäkelä, Invesdor

The benefits of crowdfunding in a nutshell

  • Full control of the process and investor selection
  • More time to develop the business
  • Less red tape
  • Motivated shareholders
  • Direct feedback
  • Opportunity to combine the marketing and fund raising processes
Business and services
How to pitch to publishers – Hendrik Lesser, Remote Control Production
Hendrik Lesser gave one of the best presentations of the conference. Funny, cruel and worth the read. How to pitch 101. And not just to publishers
Business and services
“How To Make Yourself Attractive To an Investor Or a Publisher”, Lauri Antalainen, Gamefounders
Lauri Antalainen from Gamefounders shared their experience at the Intergame 2013 game conference. He gave a short talk about how to make yourself attractive to an investor or a publisher.
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