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User and user-centered design
An Interview With Experience Design Prof. Marc Hassenzahl
Some time ago I got the chance to interview Marc Hassenzahl who is best known for developing the concept of Experience Design.
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Get your Axure RP licences and training through Trinidad Consulting
Now everyone interested in the Axure RP prototyping tool can also get it through us. Axure RP is one of the world’s leading rapid prototyping tools.
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System Analyst Mart Mere: Always Know Your Target Audience

Mart is the latest and youngest addition to our growing system analysis team. I took the time to spend a few hours with Mart to find out why he chose this field.

Previously he worked in the public sector (Chancellery of the Riigikogu) where he handled everyday IT questions, while also doing various analysis projects.

User and user-centered design
BudgetMatador: Every Startup Should Invest Into UX

Some of you might already know that some time ago we organized a small competition among the teams that participated in the local startup competition Ajujaht, which is the Estonian version of Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank.

The lucky winner was BudgetMatador, who got 5000 euros worth of our UX services. Now let’s take a closer look at the how the team has progressed.

User and user-centered design
An Interview with Dr. Jettie Hoonhout, Senior Scientist at Philips Research

Some time ago we had the chance to interview Jettie Hoonhout who is a senior scientist at Philips Research. Jettie was one of the researchers behind the Philips Ambilight technology used in Philips wake-up lamps and Ambilight series of TV-s. 

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User and user-centered design
How to Recognize Bad Accessibility With a Quick Test

You have probably seen options for making text larger in your web browser and also a mode intended for people who can’t see well. It might have been a combination of a black background and a yellow or white text. Or you might have noticed some accessibility requirements in different projects and tenders.

These options and requirements mean that somewhere someone has made it a priority to think about users who are slightly different from the rest of us. Accessibility is even more important to public websites, online stores and business sites.

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Upcoming Events in April and May
Our customers often ask about the events we are attending. Here is a short overview of the events you can catch us at in April and May.
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First Accessibility Awareness Day Conference in Estonia
Accessibility is growing more important every year, but for some reason it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s time to change that.
choosing a domain name
User and user-centered design
Infographic: Choosing a Domain Name
Ever wondered how to choose the right domain name? Here's how.
User and user-centered design
6 Principles That Have an Influence On Human Behaviour
Many persuasion principles are used in web design to design better e-commerce experiences. Learn these 6 principles and become a better designer today.
Business and services
Improvement, invention or innovation?

When business people say that they ‘need something innovative’ they might mean a number of different things. They seem to believe that they need something new or different to make more money or cut some costs.

Illustration: Norman Niklus


User and user-centered design
UX Design and Service Design – What’s the Difference?
Service design is often seen as user experience design and vice versa, even though we are dealing with two very different approaches.
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