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User and user-centered design
“Designing Future Services”, Pedro Custodio, Product and Service Experience Strategist
Pedro Custodio is internationally recognised as a passionate product and services strategist, his signature is his focus on effective usability & crafting amazing user experiences. Today he will speak about designing future services.
User and user-centered design
"Creating Natural User Interfaces", Ramune Norkute, CEO of IdeaCode (LT)

Make sure to follow this blog in order to get quick updates on what`s going on at the event. I will be blogging from the event live, so if you see a typo or two then please be gentle with me.

Tired of using mouse and keyboard to get your computer do what you want? Natural user interfaces (NUI) are a new paradigm in how people interact with computers. 
This is a real story of creating a natural user interface for TLV Play. Real issues a team was faced with and the decisions it had to make when creating NUI

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