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User and user-centered design
Animation as a tool: why and how to use it?
Making the website’s visuals move is nothing new. Some time ago, people had to install Adobe Flash plug-ins to make the animations work.
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User and user-centered design
The cornerstones of a good UX project are a methodical approach and teamwork

One of the biggest dangers of user experience design projects is performing various tasks in isolation. In this way, the universal user experience can become the vision of a single UX designer and may not meet the expectations and needs of users.


A methodical approach and active team cooperation help to counter this. A properly executed UX process is methodical. This means that it uses a wide range of techniques, which in turn are structured and implemented according to a specific system and sequence.


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User and user-centered design
UX - smiling users

Making websites could be a hobby like any other hobby, and usually so much more. The process has everything that a hobby should have – it relieves stress, gives pleasure from the results, is challenging, interesting, and most importantly, creative and active.


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User and user-centered design
Persuasion through design
Through using UX (User Experience) we can make websites that are easy to use, straightforward, and logical. Well implemented UX also helps users to take the necessary steps towards completing their goals. But putting effort only into developing perfect UX solutions is not enough.
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User and user-centered design
How do usability statistics supplement usability testing?
Various data that can be collected using different research methods can be used to improve the user experience. The different data, in turn, can be combined and used to complement each other. In this specific article, we take a closer look at two types of data: usage statistics ...
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User and user-centered design
10 mistakes to avoid when conducting website usability testing
If you are already aware of the mistakes to avoid when preparing a website usability test, it would be a good time to know how to perform all the tests successfully and to identify a sufficient number of usability problems and their causes on the existing website
prototybe testing
User and user-centered design
Do not overtake anyone in a blind curve aka testing a prototype
Prototypes are the first draft towards the final product. Proper testing is subject to the same principles as the hopscotch game, where the player must jump through each space to successfully reach the end. In this post, I talk about the importance of testing a prototype.
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User and user-centered design
Let's talk about interviewing
Let’s imagine that on one day, your little son comes to you and says: “Daddy, daddy – please build me a new and better playhouse!” One choice is to go directly to a building materials shop, buy everything you need, demolish the old playhouse, and build a new one.
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Trinidad Consulting is Transforming the European Public Procurement Scene
Estonian UX design company Trinidad Consulting has won a major international contract – usability study of the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) portal.
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User and user-centered design
A/B Testing Guide: All You Need to Know About A/B Testing
Some time ago I attended a local e-commerce seminar where someone mentioned that local online stores suck at conversion optimisation.
News archive
WUD Tallinn 2015 Conference Broke The Record, Again!
On the 13th of November we organized the 9th annual World Usability Day conference in Tallinn. This year we had speakers from Microsoft & Smashing Magazine.
User and user-centered design
How To Hire the Right UX Specialist?
In the past 8 years we have hired around 18 UX designers. During which we have learned quite a few lessons about hiring the right people.
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