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accessibility training
User and user-centered design
Accessible web - for whom and why?
Imagine how frustrating it is to land on a website you can’t use. That’s what over 57 million people experience every day when visiting websites that seem to have decent enough user interface and user experience. Mari-Ell Mets is one of the web accessibility experts in Estonia and we asked her why we should invest in website accessibility and what it is in the first place. Mari-Ell Mets is one of the accessibility experts in Estonia. 
app or no app
Technology and solutions
Do I need an app or not?
An average smartphone user spends 3.5 hours a day on their device. 80% of this time is spent on using applications or apps, and the rest is spent on browsing the web. This data is a good illustration of the potential of mobile platforms in marketing, developing client relationships, and growing your brand. In this blogpost we talk about the reasons why an app can be beneficial and useful.
neuroux ehk mida ma arvan
User and user-centered design
Neuro-UX, or: what do I really think of your product?
Did you know that the price of the products you are buying influences the part of your brain that feels pain? Next time you go out to buy a new mobile phone you may analyse yourself—what does it feel like when you are looking at the cheaper phones on the lowest shelf and how does it feel to hold the newest and most expensive device in the store?
Baltic Atlassian Platinum Partner
Atlassian solutions
Trinidad Wiseman is now an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner
We are pleased to announce the achievement of Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner status. We have attained the foremost certification possible as a solution partner and have achieved the highest levels of competency across Atlassian solution offerings.
Liina ja Halina korraldavad konverentsi
User and user-centered design
Who needs World Usability Day?
Going to UX conferences abroad takes time and money and not everyone can afford it. At the same time, it is important to educate oneself with new knowledge, methods and crafts and also to get inspiration of cool things people are working on in different countries. World Usability Day Estonia is a conference that does that all: gives the opportunity to learn, network and get together as a community.
a man is admiring an image
User and user-centered design
"We just want it to look good" and "These are just details"
Some people think that a website needs to be beautiful or trendy. Imagine that you are the owner of an online store, for example. Do you want a customer to come to your online store and think "Oh, how beautiful!" Admire a little and then go again? Or do you want him to purchase so that it won't be a hassle and he'll come to your store sometimes?
Erinevad astmed
User and user-centered design
Prototype is a plan, not just a sketch
When it comes to creating a webpage, app or data system, both  big picture, as well as details, are important. On the one hand, all interest groups and final users should have a chance to express their points of view and wishes. On the other hand, it is necessary that all key aspects are formed into a single vision in the initial phase.
API hall kardinal
Business and services
How web-APIs have transformed the digital experience
Did you know that when Facebook automatically reposts the picture you uploaded on Instagram, it’s actually an API doing that? Evernote synchronising your notes between the smartphone and laptop? API as well. If you have added YouTube videos to your site or blog, you have used YouTube’s API for that. Web-based APIs are invisible and work “behind the scenes”, yet they have significantly changed the web.
Kümme kuvarit
Technology and solutions
Welcome to the API Economy
API no longer belongs solely to the realm of the developers. In recent years, APIs have become incredibly easier to use, which greatly expands the number of opportunities connected to them. In just a few years, these opportunities have already drastically changed the way we use APIs.
would you like APItizer
Business and services
What is an API?
Did you know that a significant part of your digital experience is based on API-s? APIs are what help you to compare, purchase, save, select, post and log into various environments. APIs play an integral part in operating systems, desktops, mobile phones, internet of things, IT infrastructure as well as software development architecture. That is pretty much everywhere! This is why it is high time to speak about them.
client, designer and developer sitting around the table
User and user-centered design
Who needs a prototype?

Prototyping has become a popular design practice valued by customers and loved by user experience designers as a fast, efficient and fun way to visualize ideas. A prototype helps to understand and explore the possibilities and limitations that arise when they are built as a visual and interactive solution and tested on users.

Atlassian solutions
"Atlassian in Baltics 2019" - we are proud to be part of such a thriving ecosystem
180 people attended the first "Atlassian in Baltics" conference on the 28th of March in Tallinn Hilton Park Hotel.  There is a huge system around Atlassian, which consists of products, resources and assets for users. Our conference provided a glimpse into the Atlassian Ecosystem by showcasing just a few of its components and also built the local Atlassian community stronger.
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