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Looking Back to the 1st EstCHI Meetup – Blazing Success!

On the 27th of May we gathered at the Garage48 HUB to host the first ever EstCHI meetup in Estonia. EstCHI is the Estonian chapter of the ACM SIGCHI, one of the largest Human-Computer Interaction organizations in the world. Make sure to check out their Facebook site.

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Managing software development
Project Supervision – What Lies Behind the Term?

When we are talking about project supervision a lot of us get an image of a snarky consultant who is usually called in at the end of the project. The consultant is often seen neck deep in documentation, making sure the papers and the system are both correct.

If this sounds a lot like your project supervisor then instead of supervision he is in fact performing an audit. This is not software project supervision the way we see it here at Trinidad Consulting.


User and user-centered design
Who is Who in User Experience Design?
Since a lot of our readers are often asking us about the roles of user experience designers, information architects, accessibility specialists and others...
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User and user-centered design
14 Tips on How to Get the Most Benefits from UI Prototyping
Welcome. This time we will be talking more about UI prototyping and why it is such a powerful tool. A must-read for all developers and designers.
User and user-centered design
What is Usability and Usability Engineering – UX 101
Welcome to our new UX 101 series. A place where we discuss the various aspects of UX and UI design, usability. accessibility and user testing.
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User and user-centered design
(Usability) Users Are Not Always Right – A Product Manager’s Perspective
This time we will take a closer look at the ideas you can collect from your users and how implementing them can affect the usability of your product.
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Trinidad`s Blog in 2013 – Most Popular UX Articles
The year is almost over and now is a good time to look back at our most popular UX articles of 2013.
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User and user-centered design
Easier to Learn vs. a More Effective User Interface – A Product Manager’s Perspective
When we are creating information systems, we tend to hold various meetings and loudly voice our opinion about what should be included in the user interface.
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Business and services
Cost of a Usability Problem – A Product Manager’s Perspective
In our latest article we discussed the pathway to creating a super user interface.This time we will be concentrating on the cost of usability problems
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User and user-centered design
How to Start Creating a Super UI for Your Product – a Product Manager`s Perspective
Who wouldn´t want to benefit from the all the goodies that products with good UI’s enable us to have. Product managers all over the world dream daily of increased sales generated from recommendations, virality and increased user loyalty.
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WUD 2013 Tallinn Conference Was Again a Record-Breaking Event!
WUD 2013 is now over and it sure was a ride. This time we had 9 speakers, many of them from abroad. The global theme of the conference was healthcare and how UX design can bring forth new innovation.
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World Usability Day 2013 Tallinn Conference on 14th-15th of November
World Usability Day Tallinn conference 2013 is coming and over 200 people have already signed up, so hurry up and register! You can now sign up on Eventbrite.