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World Usability Day Estonia 2021
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The story of World Usability Day - interview with the organizers
The goal of World Usability Day is to inform people about the importance of usability, and we saw that in Estonia, usability and topics related to it were pretty unknown at the time. So, the main reason was to raise awareness about users and user-friendliness.
public services
Technology and solutions
Proactive event-based services, i.e., the next step in the Estonian digital transformation
We all consume public services daily, people are often not sufficiently aware of the services, and the process of consuming them is too complicated and time-consuming. We discuss problems related to public services and explain the vision of the future, ie, the nature of proactive event-based services.
Illustration of a man and a woman visualizing the data migration journey from Redmine to Jira
Atlassian solutions
How we helped Estonian Ministry of Defence migrate tickets from Redmine to Jira
When migrating data it will be necessary to find solutions to technical details. In the following case study we describe data migration from Redmine to Jira step by step. The information manager Külli Solo and system administrator Taavi Valgma of the Ministry of Defence will reveal reasons to migrate and preparations done for the process.
TWN wall, interactive wall board, hackathon 27-29.08.21
Technology and solutions
How we developed an interactive platform that brings game and intelligence to office life.
We like to play on the border of the physical and virtual worlds. At the end of the summer, an exciting 3-day hack roof took place in the Trinidad Wiseman office. Hackathon task was to propose and develop a demo version of a solution that would bring game and intelligence to office life.
content editor is placing parts of text in the right places
User and user-centered design
Accessibility issues caused by content editors
Web accessibility is a part of ensuring equal possibilities and providing a more independent life for people with special needs, the elderly, and many others. Online environments, mobile applications and digital documents must be designed and built to be perceivable, understandable, robust, and usable in a variety of ways.
Illustration of four judges deciding on Codegeist hackathon 2021 winners
Atlassian solutions
Codegeist hackathon – 10 innovative apps to extend Atlassian Cloud product functionality
With Codegeist hackathon, thousands of ideas have been built in to operational apps that extend the functionality of Atlassian products. During the 8-week developer contest teams try to solve challenges in different categories like DevOps, IT or business.
Illustration of a man in the starting position running towards the cup
Managing software development
Preparing the terms of reference for an IT development project AKA 6 steps to a new information system, online store, or web
Every proper development project always starts with high-quality terms of reference. It is often thought that the terms of reference must be as lengthy as possible, but real life has repeatedly proven that it is not the number of pages that matters but the quality of the information written on them.
Illustration of Inbank's data migration from Cloud to Data Center out of office hours
Atlassian solutions
How did we migrate Inbank’s Atlassian product environments from Cloud to Data Center solution?
In the following case study Aet Toose, the CTO of Inbank speaks about the bank's work processes and about the decision to move data from Cloud solution to a self managed data center. Thereby we will take a look on possible errors that might occur during the migration process.
picture of a developer writing code
User and user-centered design
Accessibility issues caused by web developers
Web accessibility has become quite a trendy topic thanks to the European Union directives and raising awareness. An accessible website is built to be robust, perceivable, understandable, and usable in many different ways so it can be accessed by as many people as possible. Today, the level of accessibiliity is still relatively low.
Illustration about data security in Atlassian Cloud
Atlassian solutions
Security practices in Atlassian Cloud
In terms of data management it is natural to ask about the security of the platform where data is hosted. With "Cloud first" mission in mind, Atlassian is planning more resources for the development of their Cloud platform. The following article describes different security practices implemented in Atlassian's internal environments and in their Cloud products.
people wearing vr glasses
User and user-centered design
How to combine the physical environment and virtual playfulness?
I talked to our senior UX designer and innovation lead about the merging of the physical and virtual worlds. I asked about what makes us at Trinidad Wiseman think about it, write about it, and actually work on it. We have the opportunity of building something exciting that can help us complement or add value to our experience within a physical space.
Mari-Ell portrait
TWN Life
TWN life: our UX designer: "My heart belongs to accessibility and the environment."
We continue with the TWN life blog series, where we get to know the talented team members of Trinidad Wiseman (TWN). We’ll talk about the work life and hobbies, what they did before joining TWN, and also throw a few curveball questions in as well. Today we will introduce our UX designer and accessibility expert Mari-Ell.
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