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Atlassian solutions
Effective requirement management and tracking with Requirements Yogi
The larger a development project, the more necessary it becomes to have a consistent practice in requirement management. Let's look at how to manage and track requirements in Confluence effectively and find out what the Centre of Registers and Information Systems appreciates most about the Requirements Yogi app.
a woman sits with a laptop in her hand and examines the little text
User and user-centered design
Evaluating the writing of microcopy in Estonian with neuro-UX
We all come into contact with different user interfaces (e.g. through the web, self-service, ticket purchase systems). In most cases, the user interface contains a large amount of microcopy. In this article, I will discuss the importance of microcopy and describe the results of an exciting experiment that I conducted using the neuro UX tool.
a picture of a developer who has chaos controlled by a design system and component inventory
tools & software
How to control chaos in software development with a design system and component library? 
Developing a software is time-consuming and detailed, where design and development always go hand in hand. Large teams are not always very efficient when doing teamwork. There are more misunderstandings; existing user interface patterns are often left undocumented. Let`s see, how to control the chaos.
 an illustration of an e-shop and its growth chart
What are the challenges for the Baltic's largest game code online store?
The dream of every e-shop is to reach as many customers as possible and grow as big as possible. However, this comes with a number of challenges. In this article, we talk about the three biggest challenges and give recommendations on what to do so that the system works without major problems on a daily basis.
an illustration of weight, with a turnover growth graph at one end and a trash can at the other end
Business and services
Are your business processes creating value or waste?
Even small changes help create value and reduce waste. However, the challenge is to find areas for improvement and redesign business processes. Our recent article discussed when to consider engaging a business analyst and what we can learn from the business analysis.
Blue illustration of ConfiForms
Atlassian solutions
Leveraging your intranet with awesome ConfiForms forms
How to approach repetitive activities to transmit and receive information based on fixed criteria? Using 3 example use cases, we will take a closer look at the situations in which ConfiForms can add value to your intranet. Also, we will show you the solution for ordering invoices on TWN's intranet.
WUD2022 logo and Vitaly Freidman
User and user-centered design
UX superstar Vitaly Freidman: "It’s one thing to create a beautiful, interactive experience on a canvas, but making sure it’s accessible, performant and environment-friendly is an entirely different thing."
World Usability Day Estonia - the largest UX, web and interaction design event in the Baltics, will take place once again on November 23-25. Let's get acquainted with Vitaly Freidman - WUD2022 speaker and workshop guide.
Eva Salumäe portrait
TWN Life
TWN Life: our Head of Digital Transformation: "Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed systematizing and organizing things. In my spare time, I love to play sports and practice my hand as an interior designer."
In the TWNLife blog series we get to know the team members of TWN. This time, we talked with Eva, our Head of Digital Transformation, about her career and hobbies, but also asked fun questions.
 an illustration of a business analyst with gears flying out of his head
Business and services
As a manager, can you sleep peacefully without worrying about your business? If not, consider bringing in a business analyst.
How do you know if and when you should include a business analyst? "It all comes down to how you feel - is everything going well in your business? Yes or no?" explains Trinidad Wiseman business analyst Mihkel Lauk.
people behind computers
Technology and solutions
The challenges and opportunities of upgrading to Drupal 9 in practice
As of now, the Drupal community has been informed that November 2023 will be the official end of life for Drupal 7, which means that the free security updates will end, and the development of additional modules for Drupal 7 will also stop. Now is the right time to start planning the version upgrade.
Illustration of Advanced Roadmaps and Structure applications. Colors - neon purple and pink. Colorful dots on black canvas
Atlassian solutions
6 aspects to consider if you wish to implement Advanced Roadmaps or Structure for project portfolio management
Both Advanced Roadmaps and Structure applications enable to create an overview in Jira of the company's strategic goals and projects. However, it is worth considering some product features when making a choice. Let's find out more!
mentors and mentees in the TWN office
TWN Life
Did you know that mentoring can help improve your professional skills?
Even if you are already an excellent specialist and do your job perfectly, transferring your knowledge to someone else can be tricky. Why should an already qualified specialist want to pass on his knowledge and experience? This article shares the experiences of 16 trainees and 4 mentors.
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