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10 Lessons on How Collaboration between Designers and Analysts Improved Project Quality

Is your project suffering because designers and analysts work at different paces and lack mutual understanding? When team members do not collaborate effectively, it can bring along delays, misunderstandings, and a decline in project quality. In this blog post, we give you 10 practical solutions and numerous tips (based on client project examples) to help you avoid these issues.

Contributing to the environment with tackling UX issues, European Environmental Agency case-study

Our environment, the need for its preservation and the struggles that our planet goes through – all has been an increasingly hot topic of the last decade. Research activities like the ones described in this case study are especially relevant in the context of data-heavy systems, that tend to get rigid and resistant to changes. By testing with users and adapting systems even partially we make sure that the product will stay relevant for users and their practical everyday needs.

The Evolution of UI/UX Design Trends

The beginning of the new year is a perfect moment to dive into the world of design trends. UI/UX design trends are evolving and constantly influenced by technological advances, changes in user behavior and needs, and innovation. Staying on top of trends and looking to the future is essential to creating modern and user-friendly user experiences.

How to recognise good user interface design: guidelines for product owners

Good design is much more than just an aesthetically pleasing appearance. A good design is characterised by user-centrism, functionality, and intuitiveness, creating a meaningful and enjoyable experience that supports users' goals and simplifies their daily lives. This article will discuss the principles of good design in more detail and look at the design solutions used in various web environments - such as the Tax and Customs Board, Luminor, Sportland, and other web environments likely already familiar to you.