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How to recognise good user interface design: guidelines for product owners

Good design is much more than just an aesthetically pleasing appearance. A good design is characterised by user-centrism, functionality, and intuitiveness, creating a meaningful and enjoyable experience that supports users' goals and simplifies their daily lives. This article will discuss the principles of good design in more detail and look at the design solutions used in various web environments - such as the Tax and Customs Board, Luminor, Sportland, and other web environments likely already familiar to you.

The Dark Side of E-commerce: The Impact of Hidden Design Patterns ("Dark Patterns") on Estonian Shoppers

Businesses are now facing the challenge of finding new ways to differentiate themselves and attract customers to their specific products and services. This is crucial for generating profits and improving key performance indicators (KPIs). To accomplish this, companies often resort to employing "dark patterns," a term referring to hidden design patterns utilized in their interfaces.

What are design systems?

Design System is a big thing in UX Design Process... It allows project teams to collaborate better. Its purpose is to describe the design decisions and technical solutions on the basis of which user interfaces are produced. The end result is a better product for users. This article fills the gaps in the knowledge and covers every aspect of this matter.

Liven up your designs with animations?

Digital environments we use daily can often feel a little cold and static, especially considering that the real world is constantly in motion. Animated graphics can carry a lot of information, that may be harder or take longer to describe in words or simple static imagery. While illustrations are often used to compliment text and make it more digestible.