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"Atlassian in Baltics 2019" - we are proud to be part of such a thriving ecosystem

180 people attended the first "Atlassian in Baltics" conference on the 28th of March in Tallinn Hilton Park Hotel.  There is a huge system around Atlassian, which consists of products, resources and assets for users. Our conference provided a glimpse into the Atlassian Ecosystem by showcasing just a few of its components and also built the local Atlassian community stronger.

Project Supervision – What Lies Behind the Term?

When we are talking about project supervision a lot of us get an image of a snarky consultant who is usually called in at the end of the project. The consultant is often seen neck deep in documentation, making sure the papers and the system are both correct.

If this sounds a lot like your project supervisor then instead of supervision he is in fact performing an audit. This is not software project supervision the way we see it here at Trinidad Consulting.