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Who is WAS - Web Accessibility Specialist?

Sigrid Viikmaa

An accessible website is more flexible and user-friendly and suits different needs, preferences and situations. Accessible web is a major step towards a more independent life for people with special needs and the elderly, enabling them to use online services, information and entertainment. 


Trinidad Wiseman has been committed to improving digital accessibility for years. Since the beginning of 2020, we have have been involved in the national Accessibility Task Force, where the online environments work group was led by our accessibility expert. We have also been consulting the national Innovation Team on user experience (UX) and web accessibility. 



Who needs to ensure accessibility? 

As of 2019, all public sector organisations must ensure accessibility according to the European Union directive, which essentially means that all public sector websites and mobile applications must meet WCAG 2.1 level AA. 


Starting from 2025, this obligation will also apply to the private sector (e-shops, self-service kiosks, e-books, etc.). Ensuring accessibility is generally a time-consuming process so it is advisable to start the preparations as soon as possible. 



TWN has a certified web accessibility specialist 

We are pleased to share with you that our specialist Mari-Ell Mets is a web accessibility specialist (WAS) certified by IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals) as of autumn 2021.


Mari-Ell has 5+ years of experience in web accessibility, during which she has carried out audits, lectured hundreds of people and participated in dozens of different projects in both private and public sectors in Estonia and the European Union. 


Thanks to her long-term experience in the field of web accessibility, Mari-Ell can evaluate the accessibility of the content of an existing website, document or mobile application according to WCAG and EU standards and provide detailed recommendations for improvement. She is familiar with different assistive technologies and knows how to use them. 



Our accessibility services 

Trinidad Wiseman can offer both general and technical web accessibility trainings and accessibility audits. The audit identifies accessibility problems on the website, digital document or mobile application and determines its compliance with the European Union accessibility standard EN 301 549.


If necessary, we can also carry out usability testings with users with special needs and other representatives of the accessibility target group. 



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