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Best User Experience and Information Architecture Blogs of 2012!
Hi, UX enthusiasts! I have put together a list of the best user experience and information architecture blogs of and resources available on the web! Each and every one of them is worth visiting and some are real gems in the ever-changing world of UX.
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Brace yourselves, pictures from WUD 2012 are coming

Hi guys, just a quick update here. We have now refreshed all the previous blog posts and added some extra details to them. There are also a number of interviews coming, so stay tuned, leave a comment and subscribe to our Facebook page for further updates. You can also find pictures from the event from there. 


User and user-centered design
Neuro UX: Smoke and Mirrors or the Future of User Experience Research? Aga Bojko, Associate Director, User Centric Inc.
Aga is known worldwide as one of the leading eye tracking specialists. Today she will share her thoughts on neuro UX and the future of UX design.
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WUD is coming! And so is our live blog!

The annual Pan-Baltic World Usability conference will be held already tomorrow! Make sure to follow this blog in order to get quick updates on what`s going on at the event!


User and user-centered design
Keynote: "Persuasion, Emotion and Trust in Online Banking", Chris Lock, Executive Director, Human Factors International (UK)
Chris has worked in human factors, UX and related people-centered disciplines since the early 1980’s. Both as a consultant, in academia and as an co-owner of Australia’s biggest specialized UX agency. Now, he is involved with Human Factors International, one of the largest companies in the usability industry
User and user-centered design
“How to Turn around an Aircraft Carrier: Changing UX in One of the Russia’s Largest Online Companies”, Yury Vetrov, head of UX, (RU)
How do you deal with user experience in a company that offers 40 different products online and many of these have their own mobile versions? That’s the challenge they were dealing with at Changing UX was hard, but accomplishable
User and user-centered design
“Designing Future Services”, Pedro Custodio, Product and Service Experience Strategist
Pedro Custodio is internationally recognised as a passionate product and services strategist, his signature is his focus on effective usability & crafting amazing user experiences. Today he will speak about designing future services.
User and user-centered design
"Creating Natural User Interfaces", Ramune Norkute, CEO of IdeaCode (LT)

Make sure to follow this blog in order to get quick updates on what`s going on at the event. I will be blogging from the event live, so if you see a typo or two then please be gentle with me.

Tired of using mouse and keyboard to get your computer do what you want? Natural user interfaces (NUI) are a new paradigm in how people interact with computers. 
This is a real story of creating a natural user interface for TLV Play. Real issues a team was faced with and the decisions it had to make when creating NUI

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