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Seedcamp Mini Tallinn – Success Stories in the Making

This week we had the pleasure of attending the Seedcamp Mini conference here in Tallinn, which was the kick-off event of the local startup week with Latitude59 starting the following day.

Before heading straight to the presentations, Reshma Sohoni from Seedcamp gave a short intro to the nature of Seedcamp and their projects. This segment of the event is also available on the ERR`s website as a 2 hour long videoclip.

Reshma Sohoni from Seedcamp talking about their projects

This was followed with a presentation from our post-Skype global success story Transferwise and continued with power pitches from the startups - the majority being from Estonia, but also from Ukraine, Latvia and Croatia, among others.

Kristo Käärmann from Transferwise shared some interesting insights


 11 Startups Competed for the Next Seedcamp Round

  • Language Accelerator (Tallinn) - Language learning accelerated by mathematical modelling and statistical analysis
  • Roamer App (Europe) - Roaming killer - revolution on a $67B market!
  • Flick Diet (Tallinn) - Personal nutrition plans, based on DNA
  • my Tips (Kiev & Tallinn) - Interactive on-screen tutorials with just a few clicks
  • Basaar (Tallinn) - Mobile marketplace for fashion
  • Zilta (London) - Android for the elderly 
  • TEDI (Croatia) - High level artificial intelligence health care toy
  • Mewo (London) - Airbnb of wedding photography
  • Mousiq (Tallinn) – The 2.0 version of the music business 
  • SAAS OS (Tallinn) - Bricks and mortar online presence with minimum effort and without a budget
  • Decider Mail (Tallinn) - Highly personal email marketing

We Also Gave Out Some Nifty Prizes

Trinidad Consulting had the pleasure of being one of the sponsors of the event, giving a surprise prize to the public favorite. What was interesting however, that this time the organizers didn`t determine the winner through the who-gets-the-most-applause method.

Instead, they decided to go with a new app specifically designed for events like this - pitchcraft!

Go and check out Pitchcraft`s website, they are awesome!


We really recommend you to check out their website and try out the app. it`s still in beta and has some bugs, but we have a hunch that once the developers work out the kinks then you will see this little app popping up at almost every startup event across the world!

The lucky winner, by public vote, was myTips, which has all the potential of making it in the huge e-service market.

The prize from us was of course 10 hours of free UX design services - much needed help for any startup. 

Lucky winners - myTips!


The event continued with a networking session and workshops from Colette Ballou from Ballou PR, who sadly lost her luggage in the airport, and Christian Thaler-Wolski from Wellington Partners. You can view Colette`s presentation from her SlideShare account.

It Wouldn´t be Seedcamp Without a Rockin` Party 

In the evening all hell broke loose at the Garage48 HUB, the go-to place if looking for a co-working space here in Tallinn, also the home base for various startups. Here you can find Zerply, Aplefy Games, Shaka and Qminder, among others.

The place was pretty much packed


The afterparty started around eight in the evening and went on until the booze ran out. Needless to say, the house was full and at one point the party even moved outside of the building. We also heard that the brave ones didn´t finish partying until 5 in the morning.

We think there`s a party in there, somewhere


You can see more pics on their Google+ page. Overall a great event and a nice intro to the startup week here in Tallinn. We are certainly happy that we participated and looking forward to future events.

In the meantime, go and check out some of our earlier posts, take a peek at our UX design services and don`t forget to share the hell out of this post! :)

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