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At Trinidad Wiseman, we share the money we receive from our clients with our specialists.

Ander Tenno & Sigrid Viikmaa

From our previous articles, you are already familiar with the culture and values of Trinidad Wiseman (TWN). You found out how hybrid work works for us and what development and learning opportunities exist in TWN. Our CEO and founder, Ander Tenno, talks about money or our payroll model in this article. 


"The bonus is our monthly portion of salary, not the amount you receive from time to time." 

In addition to the basic salary, specialists' salaries depend directly on the turnover brought to the company by our work. In other words, the money received from customers (just in case, we explain that you don't have to look for customers yourself).


The surcharge is based on a fixed system and is paid monthly. The bonus in the total salary is typically 20-40%: experienced professionals have a lower wage (because their basic wage is higher), employees who are still at the beginning of their development path have a higher salary. 



Why have we chosen such a salary model? 

This creates an environment where everyone's income depends primarily on themselves and significantly reduces the need to control people's working hours or attendance. This, in turn, makes it much easier for the company to deliver according to its values (mainly human focus and autonomy).


We have also noticed that people's ability to work is different. We do not expect anyone to work overtime or work at a sustainable pace. At the same time, it seems fair that a specialist who bets more will be paid more for it. 


Another good thing is that as hourly prices increase, wages increase automatically! For example, a change of 5 euros per hour with a customer adds about 200 euros to the salary. 


Our experience has shown that our pay system helps people be motivated and do an excellent job for the client. It also encourages you to analyze and prepare fair offers for the customer thoroughly. 


"Your contribution and co-thinking reflect in your paycheck." 

TWN has up to 140 different projects underway at the same time. Thus, there is a lot of volume assessment and decision-making on methodologies. All this allows you to develop quickly and shape your payroll.


We give our team members freedom, which does not limit or dictate what and how long you have to do in a project. Freedom also comes with responsibility for one's work.


That is why we are looking for proactive and independent specialists in our team who can analyze the workload, think methodically and design interesting projects for themselves. Of course, as a new employee, it takes a while to adjust, but people who dare to seek more advice right away are developing the fastest. 


illustration of the pillars on which the salary depends in TWN



The salary of our specialists depends on 3 pillars (no, not those of a pension: D)  

The salaries of specialists of similar value do not differ significantly in the case of the same introduced money. As we talked about in the article on development paths, our salary is far from dependent on how well someone knows a tool or technology. It is a combination of many factors. 


"TWN does not take advantage of someone's rapid development. In this case, the person's responsibility and pay also increase faster than usual."



Speaking of skills, the salary of specialists depends on how well they can handle our more typical projects. A project is completed well when the customer is satisfied. 


Being a specialist in a field means that you have to know that field well. Skills develop in the course of daily work and through self-study and (internal) training - we put quite a lot of emphasis on this in the company. 


By skills, we mean the technical abilities of the respective role and the knowledge of project management methodologies (e.g., Scrum). Also, the ability to smoothly use all the tools needed for work, not forgetting specific tools such as Jira, Confluence, Noko, Sharepoint, Outlook. 


Specialists proficient in several different work sections (e.g., design/front-end or UX / analysis) are always in high demand. However, universality is not the only way - the top specialists of a particular section are equally valued. 


Willingness and the ability to guide others, participation in the company's development, introduction of new working methods and tools, in-house training, and sales presentations bring significant advantages. 


Compatibility with the company and professionalism in its activities 

Even the most excellent expert is not valuable to a company if, for example, they are poisoning the environment with his superiority or gloom or failing to do the things he promised to do.


A sense of responsibility, a willingness to look a little further than your specific mission, a desire to cooperate, and basic courtesy are all necessary to work at TWN. In our previous article, you can read about TWN's core values - humanity, professionalism, and autonomy. 


CV or purely formal market value 

Good skills and suitable personal qualities are crucial for doing the job, but that's not all. Namely, most of our clients are large organizations, which usually submit formal requirements to the work team. 


This is especially typical in the public sector, which provides about half of our revenue. In addition, some clients have a habit of assessing people's goodness based on CVs, and having a team member with a good enough CV can be crucial in getting some work done. 


What are the typical requirements (many of which arise in the course of work, except for higher education)? 


  • higher education - Significant extra points are awarded by professional higher education, with a slight additional master's degree or equivalent (in European procurement). 
  • length of work experience in the respective role. 2 years minimum, 3 typical, 5+ gives extra points. 
  • project references in the respective role during the last 3 years. Minimum 4-5 different projects, but the more large projects, the better. You can get some extra points if you have both public and private projects. 



Sounds exciting?

If our payroll, development paths, hybrid work model, and culture and values speak to you and you feel that working at TWN could be for you, check out our job postings and feel free to contact us at! We have vacancies in almost every role, from team leaders to developers, analysts, designers, and testers. 


Soon we will talk about our new offices :)




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