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Students with paperless graduation certificates

Trinidad Wiseman developed the new e-diploma service for the Ministry of Education and Research

Marko Nemberg

The goal of the project was to create a new paperless service for diplomas and certificates. The service has now been successfully launched and users can use it to access data regarding their diplomas.

As a result of this project, middle school and high school graduates of this year’s spring received a digital diploma in addition to the traditional paper diploma. They can view, download, and share their digital diplomas on the recently launched Haridusportaal (Education Portal) at Haridusportaal is a central information system that citizens can use to easily find information about their academic applications and diplomas as well as their studies and teaching/lecturing.


haridusportaal e-tunnistus

Haridusportaali dashboard 1

During the first stage of the e-diploma project, the use of digital middle school and high school diplomas was implemented. This is also the reason why it is currently not yet possible to find vocational school diplomas and higher education diplomas.


According to Trinidad Wiseman’s Sales and Business Development Manager Marko Nemberg, the needs and wishes of the service’s users were strongly taken into consideration during the development of the e-diplomas. “Since the e-diploma service involves the recipients, issuers, qualification verifiers, umbrella organisations and many others, then it is important to determine their actual needs, expectations, and general preparedness.

That is why the development was preceded by a business analysis project during which we conducted multiple interviews and web surveys with the different parties involved, and then created a prototype for the new e-service,” said Nemberg.


In addition to the recent graduates, all citizens who graduated from middle school or high school in 2004 or later are also able to view and download their diplomas.


Haridusportaal e-tunnistused

Haridusportaal dashboard 2


The Ministry of Education and Research wishes to continue with the project and to expand the implementation scope of the e-diplomas to include vocational and higher education. Expanding the opportunity to use e-diplomas will significantly reduce administrative costs to schools (issuing duplicates, certificates etc) and will enable people to prove their level of qualification when continuing their studies or applying for a job digitally.

Trinidad Wiseman is an Estonian service design and digital transformation company with clients across various verticals such as telecoms, finance, online stores, tech companies and public sector organisations.  
Trinidad Wiseman has completed over 100 e-governance projects and is now expanding to countries that wish to learn from the Estonian way of e-governance.   
The company’s export markets include mostly countries in the European Union, but also countries such as Bermuda, Afghanistan, and Singapore.

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