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twn team working with projects

An insight into Trinidad Wiseman's projects - what are we actually doing?

Sigrid Viikmaa & TWN team

We are often asked what kind of work our people do daily. This time, let's take a quick look at our specialists' time and what exciting projects were on our desk in January 2022. Statistics show that we have about 150 different client projects in operation in one month at the same time. In January, we completed 10,300 hours of work on customer projects.


Among other things, we had 2 substantial projects in progress, where we worked about 1,000 hours on each, and 22 projects where we completed more than 100 hours per project. We asked the team leaders to give us some examples and describe in their own words the projects that our teams were working on last month. Here's a selection of them.



Digital transformation projects

Digital transformation is the introduction of new digital solutions or replacing older digital solutions with new ones. It will improve the efficiency of existing processes and services and include creating websites, self-services, information systems, and other e-services. Atlassian's products and related services support digital transformation.


  • at the request of Vertikal Digital and the Republic of Honduras, we built an e-government platform e-Prospera.
  • we thoroughly tested and improved the existing road accident notification system solution and set up platforms to make the system soon available to users.
  • we made the latest finishes to develop the web and product catalog information system of the international group ForsMW.
  • we brought the website to the new Drupal 9. We also updated TalTech's front-end framework and version of the Drupal platform to ensure the sustainability and security of the website.
  • we helped create the website to introduce the world to a good, fresh, and healthy Estonian food table.
  • we updated the APIs for Synbase Medical Databases and updated existing webs with newer versions. 
  • we helped the manufacturing company Tech Group implement Atlassian products to manage its production processes.



  • we supplemented the drug authentication information system with additional functions, which makes the life of pharmacists easier and smoother.
  • we supplemented Ideal Cosmetics, Estonia's largest chain of perfumery and beauty products e-commerce platform with a convenient payment solution.
  • within the framework of the webmail project, we continued to write Unit Tests and dealt with several peripheral cases.
  • we continued to create the Gratitude Services platform, which brings graveyard maintenance services to modern times.
  • we designed and developed the gateway to the Estonian world of education - the MER Education Portal has all the necessary links for learning and teaching.
  • we finalized the working time control module for Estonian professional drivers in the Working Life Information System - inspectors will soon have a fully digital tool at their disposal.
  • we continued the design work on UX, supplemented the analysis documentation, and started developing the application.
  • we belong to a consortium of 5 companies, which helped the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supply the portal for establishing relations between the European Union and its partners quickly. We were responsible for usability, business and system analysis, and quality control in the project.


Service design projects

During service design, we analyze and design how to change the organization's processes and service delivery channels/tools so that the service is effective for the service provider and a customer with a good user experience. In TWN terms, this includes UX / UI design, business, and systems analysis, as well as various training. 


  • we created a new concept for the provision of victim support services to the Social Insurance Board, based on which the customer can start developing a new solution.
  • we started mapping the system update of the system, the largest computer game and code sales platform in Estonia.
  • we performed a system analysis for the new Work In Estonia website to be created.
  • we contributed to creating a data visualization portal for the Council of European Energy Market Regulators.
  • we helped Omena Hotels make the hotel room booking process more convenient through door codes. No need to check in or carry annoying keys soon! 
  • we helped ERGO Insurance Company improve the user experience when ordering insurance services from the e-environment and harmonized it throughout the Baltics.
  • we assisted Telema in developing the usability of its products, designing the user interface and visual identity, and developing and managing the design system.


twn team leading service design projects


  • we helped create a more convenient service web/tool for Telia's customer service representatives.
  • we continued with the user experience and user interface design of the City24 real estate portal.
  • we helped create digital solutions for the smoother operation of the Estonian Alarm Center.
  • we helped the Social Insurance Board's self-service create a flexible option for parents to make it easier to change the recipient of the parental benefit. In the framework of the second project, we helped the client design the flow of maintenance application in the self-service of the Social Insurance Board.
  • we conducted a user survey for the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund to create a new service and digital solution concept on how to provide people with career advice digitally in the future. In addition, we helped the unemployment fund create a digital strategy and understand the shortcomings and possible solutions to the current situation in the field of ICT. 
  • we created a co-creation workshop for the State Information System Board and started building a prototype of how Estonian entrepreneurs will see data about themselves on the portal in the future. 
  • we designed the self-service of Salva Kindlustus, which will ensure better customer service and flexibility in the future. We also updated the design of the external website, which makes the page more user-friendly.
  • we taught the basics of business analysis to the team members of KeMIT (Information Technology Center of the Ministry of the Environment).



Sounds exciting?

If you have read and feel that working at TWN might be interesting for you, check out our job postings and feel free to contact us at! We have vacancies in almost every role, from team leaders to developers, analysts, designers, and testers. Also, read about TWN's operations, strategy, and culture. Find out how we work with hybrid work and payroll and how you can learn and grow at TWN.


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