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Trinidad Wiseman presents Atlassian in the Baltics 2022 – come and listen to customer success stories, expand your network and get the latest product news

Alice Bakhoff, Ieva Longa, Carina Zweygart

Trinidad Wiseman presents Atlassian in the Baltics 2022 is our 7th Atlassian event, taking place on the 31st of March at Hilton Tallinn Park hotel.  


This all-day event will forgather Atlassian customers from the Baltic countries not only to learn more about Atlassian products and partner tools, but also to share their experiences and success stories.  


Conference speakers from the Estonian public and private sector will share their honest experience on implementing different Atlassian tools: 


  • Birgit Nigulas and Kerli Loopman from the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency will be talking about implementing Insight in Jira Cloud to manage the Agency’s assets;
  • Katrin Paal from Invaru will give us a behind the scenes overview on the process of implementing Confluence as intranet;
  • Imre Lall from the University of Tartu will reveal the process of implementing Jira Service Management Data Center together with Insight to manage service requests, incidents and the University’s assets. 

During the talks we gain an insight into why the organizations decided for Atlassian, what were their objectives and problems that needed to be solved.


These stories offer you inspiration and give you an overview of how a successful implementation process turns a product into a valuable tool that supports your organization’s needs.  


Besides fair customer experience stories we invite you to come and listen to an Atlassian's official representative and Atlassian partner tool vendors:  

  • Carina Zweygart from Atlassian will be talking about Unleashing the potential of every team with Atlassian Cloud. In her session she will talk about the newest features and developments about Atlassian’s cloud products and how they help teams move faster, innovate, and focus on what matters most;
  • James Harvey is EMEAR CTO from Cisco AppDynamics and he will be talking about how Cisco® Full-stack observability solutions moves beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions, transforming siloed data into actionable insights that provide shared context for your IT teams;
  • George Smith and Kamal Said from Exalate (by iDalko) will be talking about their application Jira issue sync&more, that provides a flexible synchronization engine such that issues are automatically and securely synced - between multiple Jira's - wherever hosted.
  • Mārtiņš Vanags from eazyBI will introduce us a very powerful plugin eazyBI to report and analyze data in Jira and Confluence. 


The moderator for this year's event is once again Peeter "tehnokratt" Marvet, who is an avid Atlassian user during daytime, security evangelist and happiness engineer at VAIMO.  


In addition to the questions and answer part at the end of each talk, our experts from Atlassian team are available and ready to discuss everything related with Atlassian products and licenses, so you can get direct feedback, input and answers. 


Don't miss the event that will provide plenty of valuable information and networking opportunities. Entrance is for free and snacks are on us ;). See the detailed program and feel free to register here.  



Let's meet the official representative from Atlassian

We continue with an interview with our speaker Carina Zweygart, who will introduce herself and the topic of her talk. Furthermore, she will tell us about the experience of working for Atlassian.  


Could you please talk about yourself? How would you introduce yourself?


I’m Carina Zweygart, a young professional originally from Germany who moved to Amsterdam right before the pandemic. I’ve always been open to living abroad. 


During my student life, I have explored living in countries like the US, Indonesia and India. Now it’s been more than two years that I’ve moved to the Netherlands, and it really is starting to feel like home.  


Even during the pandemic I’ve managed to build up a nice personal life, met amazing people and bought my very first own apartment, which I’m very proud of.  

What do you do in your free time, what are your hobbies? 


In my free time, I like everything related to nature and adventure. I’m a big fan of hiking and climbing, even though the mountains are very far from Amsterdam.  


I’m also a scuba diver and generally love everything related to the sea. My regular hobbies include race biking, running, yoga and gym classes.


And I’m not going to lie, spending time with friends, having dinners and nice wines, or going to festivals is absolutely a big part of my social life as well.  


Carina Zweygart mountain climbing

How did you start working for Atlassian?


Before Atlassian, I used to work as an IT Consultant focusing on AI technologies where I took over various roles like scrum master or product owner consultant and accompanied enterprises along their digital agile transformation.  


While doing so, I became very familiar with the Atlassian tool stack, mainly Jira and Confluence. Once I decided that it was time to move on and take on a new challenge, I had a chat with a friend whom I met in the early days when moving to Amsterdam.


She realized I would be a good fit and saw my experience matching with the role, so I got convinced to go through the hiring process.  


Well, now here I am. I started to work in Atlassian in July 2021 and I’m very excited to be part of this fast developing and growing organization.  


What are your memories from your first working day at Atlassian?


My first working day at Atlassian was overwhelming in a positive way. I was impressed with the well-organized onboarding process especially because it was full remote.  

It was a pleasure to meet all the new Atlassians and get to know how all new joiners were full of energy and excitement, which by the way is still ongoing also for those who have been around for a longer time.  


Tell us about what you are doing at Atlassian?


I’m a pre-sales solutions engineer focused on supporting our clients with Cloud Migrations of mainly Jira Software and Confluence.


That means I’m supporting during the technical assessment and evaluation of our Cloud products, introducing our clients to new features and functionalities and supporting them in finding the best suitable solution for their use cases.  


What does your typical working day look like?


Firstly, every day looks different and that’s what I love most about the job!


My typical working day always includes about 1 to 3 customer meetings a day where I’m either presenting/demonstrating our Cloud products, analyzing customers' pain points or supporting technical evaluations and critical questions.  


It also means working closely together with our Enterprise Advocates and teaming up in making sure to provide the best suitable solution when moving forward with the Cloud migrations.  


In addition, I’m learning something new every day because it’s certain that you will get a question from a client or a partner you haven’t heard before.


So, I’m also doing a lot of research, trying out and playing with the products myself, collaborating with team members, but also with product teams, support engineers and customer success managers.  


The topic of your talk at our conference is “UNLEASHING THE POTENTIAL OF EVERY TEAM WITH ATLASSIAN CLOUD”. Could you tell us a bit more about it?  

Atlassian's products are aiming to enable teams that are spread all around the world to work better together, be more productive and work efficiently on achieving overall strategic goals. 


New features and functionalities in the Cloud aim to focus on unleashing the potential of any team, not only software development teams, but also business and IT teams.


Teamwork is the most essential focus of all our products and especially looking at our Cloud products, they were implemented keeping customer experience and team collaboration in mind.  


Having said that, when introducing our Cloud products, new features and the Atlassian mission it’s important to always keep in mind whom we’re creating value for and why we are doing it.

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