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Illustration of Inbank's data migration from Cloud to Data Center out of office hours

How did we migrate Inbank’s Atlassian product environments from Cloud to Data Center solution?

Alice Bakhoff, Aet Toose, Sven Pärtel

The choice on which platform to host a product depends on company’s field of activity and on the requirements applicable to it.

In the following article Aet Toose, the CTO of Inbank, talks about their decision to migrate Atlassian products from Cloud to self managed data center.



For a bank, the prevention of operational risks is a top priority

Inbank is a bank with Estonian roots that operates in Estonia and nearby countries, where it provides consumer financing and depositing products.

In order to support software development, keep track on operational risks, manage accesses and to conduct business and technical analysis, the bank is using Jira and Confluence products.

If in the past the products were hosted on Data Center, then over time the requirements for a growing company changed.

“Through mergers many Atlassian stacks were formed and they needed to be integrated. To prevent operational risks we needed a database under our control,” says Aet.



A successful migration process includes pre-analysis, planning, preparation and testing

“We did a survey with users to agree on which Confluence spaces are needed and which ones are outdated. Furthermore, we invested a lot of time in deciding how we are going to host our Data Center,” says Aet, the CTO of Inbank.

Next, Sven backed up the data and carried out the test migration in a sandbox environment with a copy of live data.

The migration from production environments was planned to non-working hours and user access to the environment was restricted.

To migrate Jira projects, Sven used the Cloud Migration plugin, but custom fields needed to be configured manually and imported from CSV.

Although during the production migration some problems with workflows, permission schemes, boards and attachments arose, the original situation could be manually restored.

Despite that Data Center does not support all of the plugins available in Cloud, Inbank’s IT department is happy with the platform transformation.

“The system is definitely faster than it was in Cloud. As we deleted some of the spaces we needed to inform and train the staff. It was a pleasant surprise how comfortable the migration was from the user perspective,” says Aet in conclusion.



We are happy to assist if you need help with data migration  

If you plan to migrate from one Atlassian platform to another, don’t hesitate to contact us - we will create an action plan suited to your company’s needs and help to migrate the data safely.

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