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Illustration of four judges deciding on Codegeist hackathon 2021 winners

Codegeist hackathon – 10 innovative apps to extend Atlassian Cloud product functionality

Alice Bakhoff

Atlassian has created Forge platform and Codegeist hackathon to ensure product development ideas would not be missed.


Let’s take a look what the contest is about and discover 10 fun and effective hackathon winning plugins.


Developers opportunity to extend Atlassian Cloud products functionality

Australian software company Atlassian enables passionate developers to extend Atlassian Cloud products functionality by building apps in the context of Codegeist hackathon.


The hackathon takes place annually and during the 8-week contest teams try to solve challenges in different categories like DevOps, IT or business.


Interest for app development is growing - over the years, Atlassian's developer community has grown to 25,000 members, and the number of hackathon participants is on the rise.

Besides the opportunity to sell the created app on Atlassian Marketplace, the software development company rewards the winners with prize money among other swag and benefits.


From testing to deploying teams can build Cloud apps with the new Forge app development platform.


Forge provides Atlassian-hosted infrastructure, built-in security, DevOps experience, storage and UI extensibility options so that teams could focus on building apps.


Today with Forge teams can build apps for Jira and Confluence Cloud, but in the future for other products as well!



Codegeist hackathon winners throughout the years 

During the hackathon that has taken place almost for ten years, thousands of ideas have been built in to operational apps. 


Quite often apps are created by teams who have missed a certain functionality in Jira or Confluence as they are using the product daily.


VIEW26 Scrum Manager

VIEW26 Scrum Manager helps the Scrum Masters to focus on the key issues and bottlenecks.


The app captures daily updates from each team member by capturing the response for topics like plans for today, actions taken the day before and possible impediments.


Updates from the team are stacked up like a deck of cards and are sorted based on their criticality, i.e., the most blocked items will be picked first for the stand-up meeting.


Create from Template Pro

Create from Template Pro is a revamped version of Create from Template Confluence macro that has more advanced options like:

  • setting the parent page
  • advanced page title template
  • button formatting options
  • adding new labels


Office Manager

With remote and hybrid work models, offices and the way they're used are changing. Office Manager helps teams and workspace managers to arrange and manage the office space. 


In Jira, team members can schedule their presence by selecting the space, desk and date they will be in the office.


Workspace manager will have an floorplan editor where they can configure the desks in the office and their arrangement. 


In addition, a description can be added to list, for example, all the available accessories on this desk (mouse, screen, etc...).


BYOD (Build Your Own Dashboard)

BYOD is a Confluence macro built on the Forge platform that allows business teams to create customizable, personalized dashboards within a Confluence page.


Through APIs, users can pull in data from their company's 3rd party integrations like Stripe, Quickbooks and more. 


Workspace Cleaner

In large Confluence instances (e.g intranets) it often happens that some spaces and the information becomes outdated. 


Workspace cleaner provides key insights about pages by tracking their recent activities like views, viewers, comments and likes so that you can make informed decisions on what to keep and what to delete.


Comment Translations for Jira

Comment Translations for Jira enables multi-language teams to cooperate on Jira issues by offering easy access to the comments in their language. 


They can also create comments in their language and have them be translated.


Lively Recorder for Confluence

With Lively Recorder you can create audio, video and screen recordings directly from within Confluence.


When first using the recorder, an admin can decide where in the world the recordings should be stored (including EU among other).


Once the recording is fully uploaded, the pop-up will close automatically and insert the recording into your page!


Scrum Maister 

Intelligent AI helper for Jira supports agile teams in development processes, collaboration and Scrum practices. 


The Scrum Maister is part of the team with a mission to inform teams when it spots tiniest inefficiencies, slowdowns in sprint analytics or other blockers.


Comala Read Confirmations 

With Comala Read Confirmations it is possible to assign team members to read Confluence pages, and keep track of who has read them.


Users confirm reading with a simple click. If the content of the page changes, it is possible to send out a new request for confirmation from the previous assignees.


Charts and Reports for Jira Service Management

Charts and Reports for Jira Service Management it is possible to create customized charts and interactive Jira reports within seconds with easy drag and drop widgets.


Use predefined templates for reporting or build your own custom dashboard based on your team – e.g SLA dashboards.


Reports can be shared with customers within Jira Service Management customer portal.

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