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Baltic Atlassian Platinum Partner

Trinidad Wiseman is now an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

Trinidad Wiseman

We are now one of Atlassian’s Platinum partners. It is the highest status a partner can achieve. Our CEO Ander Tenno says: “Platinum partner status is, on the one hand, an acknowledgement for the work we have done since it can only be achieved by companies who have a large number of certified specialists capable of implementing the platform. On the other hand, it is also thanks to our extensive experience, dedication and certainly our excellent co-operation with clients that has brought us to where we are today.”


In 2008 we became the first company in Estonia to offer services related to Atlassian’s products. Today we help to select, order and maximize licenses. We help to install, configure, update and also offer trainings — both in Estonian and English. The products of Atlassian are very flexible, but at times, added functions, which the product does not have by default, are necessary. In that case we adjust Atlassian’s products and offer custom development to fulfil the needs of the team.


Get acquainted with all of our Atlassian services here!


Our Atlassian clients include the IT and Development Centre of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior (Estonian abbr. SMIT), IT Centre of the Estonian Ministry of Finance, Coop, Helmes, Estonian Ministry of Defence, Omniva, Eesti Energia, Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, Bigbank, Elering, the North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonian Information System Authority, Estonian Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre, Riigi Kinnisvara AS, Tartu City Government, SEB Bank, Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board, Estonian State Infocommunication Foundation, Milrem AS, ERGO Insurance SE, Viljandi Hospital, Planetway Europe OÜ, Estonian Road Administration, AS Tallink Grupp, Estonian Health Insurance Fund, IT Centre of the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, Eesti Raudtee AS, SA Kredex, Fitek AS, Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs, Cleveron AS etc.


Some of the largest Atlassian projects have been the development of Bigbank’s intranet and the implementation of IT and Development Centre of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior' s (Estonian abbr. SMIT) service management system, which is now used by close to 10,000 employees. 


In order to develop the local Atlassian community, introduce new products and functions, share different experiences, we organise regular events. At the "Atlassian in the Baltics" conference in March 2019, various representatives of the Atlassian ecosystem—Atlassian, RIADA, TEMPO, Softwareplant and Trinidad Wiseman—made presentations. The conference presentations can be found on our Atlassian page.


Atlassian, established in 2002 in Australia, is a software company that mostly makes products for developers and has become a publicly listed company by today. The Atlassian product family includes such popular solutions as Jira, Jira Core and Jira Service Desk, wiki and intranet platform Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and numerous others. Atlassian products are used by 150,000 teams worldwide.


If you are seeking an answer for a question related to Atlassian, contact us!

We have a range of experts who can advise you.

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