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Illustration of resource management in organization.
Atlassian solutions
Do projects often run over deadlines? Learn how to manage resources and time in Jira more effectively
Jira's issues, workflows, and views provide an easy way to get an overview of current work. However, from a project management perspective, just having an overview of tasks may not be sufficient without insight into employees' workloads. In the following article, we will describe how Activity Timeline supports resource management and time tracking in Jira.
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Technology and solutions
Resolving security challenges, a case study: the development of SK ID Solutions’ e-service portal
In cooperation with SK, we started creating an e-service portal that would allow clients to create new orders and manage pre-existing ones. Since there are a lot of requirements set for security services and it is generally not enough to just place an order, then we also set ourselves the goal of optimising the daily tasks performed by SK’s in-house specialists. Read the SK e-services portal project story.
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Managing software development
Organisational Development for Successful Digital Transformations – a Perspective Based on Key Capabilities.
Do you know your business well but have less knowledge about IT development? Our new blog article will help you understand the organisational structure that ensures successful IT development. Kaarel Koosapoeg, our analysis and service design team leader, shares his insights and practical tips. Read more and discover how to take your IT projects to the next level.
Photo about Saale from Trinidad Wiseman and Kristi from Elisast, on green background
UX/UI Design
How we helped Elisa Estonia make their stores paperless through UX/UI design
How does digital transformation help us preserve forests and avoid clutter? Read our latest blog article about Elisa's recent success story—the paperless office project—to learn more. We interviewed Kristi Kirsman, Elisa's project manager-analyst, and Saale Truu, Trinidad Wiseman's User Experience Designer, who played key roles in the project.
Visual with representatives of Trinidad Wiseman and Helmes
News archive
Trinidad Wiseman joins Helmes Group 
Estonia's leading software development company Helmes signed an agreement to acquire a 75% stake in Trinidad Wiseman. TWN will continue to operate as an independent company and under its own name with existing management.
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UX/UI Design
10 Lessons on How Collaboration between Designers and Analysts Improved Project Quality
Is your project suffering because designers and analysts work at different paces and lack mutual understanding? When team members do not collaborate effectively, it can bring along delays, misunderstandings, and a decline in project quality. In this blog post, we give you 10 practical solutions and numerous tips (based on client project examples) to help you avoid these issues.
Illustration of Atlassian solutions in Tartu City Government
Atlassian solutions
How Atlassian Solutions Support Work Processes at Tartu City Government
Getter Kartau, Data Management Director at the Tartu City Government, along with Margo Martis and Tanel Käomets from the IT Systems Management Department of the Tartu City Government, disclose the Atlassian products and solutions used by various departments of the Tartu City Government to support their daily operations. Head on to gain inspiration for process automation and data backups on the Atlassian Cloud platform.
Picture about Estonian traditions: Estonian folk dance in folk costumes and people sitting in sauna
User and user-centered design
Updating the Existing System: the Case of Tourism Information System 2.0
Recently, the brand new website went live. In our blog, we discuss the example of updating the Visit Estonia website and its content management system, exploring what it means to create a new version from an existing solution and how to tackle potential challenges. The goal of the project was to create a new user-friendly environment that aligns with the organization's expectations.
Huge colourful user's interface. In front of it, there are people standing and clicking on the interface
Technology and solutions
Our Lessons Learned from Building the Veera Design System, Part 2
In March, we discussed how we began developing the Veera 1.0.0 design system in collaboration with RIA (the Information System Authority of Estonia). The updated platform offers great tools to simplify e-service development. In a new blog post, our specialists continue to share their project experiences and challenges, focusing on accessibility, code components, and content creation strategies.
Woman holding her head by her hands, with the word admin written on her chest
Technology and solutions
Options for Making the Drupal Admin Interface More User-Friendly
Did you know that more than 14% of the world's leading websites use Drupal? The Rakvere team at Trinidad Wiseman, specializing in Drupal, explored tools to make the admin interface more intuitive and user-friendly. Discover solutions that offer content managers greater flexibility.
Drawing with a computer in the middle and two happy people at sides
tools & software
8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Track with Google Tag Manager
What do customers want? Google Tag Manager helps answer this timeless question. Our UX/UI designer, Maris Jool, discusses the lesser-known aspects of GTM in her article. This can help you improve your content strategy, optimize user experience, and gain insight into audience behaviour.
Fotokollaaz teenusedisaini koolitusel osalejatest ja koolitajatest
User and user-centered design
Making you a Service Designer in 5 Weeks: Trinidad Wiseman's Approach to Cultivating Design Skills in Estonia
Why do we recommend service design training for both designers and non-designers? Find out in our new article. We share success stories from our clients: the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Enterprise Estonia (EAS). Discover the 6 main benefits that can be effectively applied in design and other fields. We're delighted that last year we helped train over 400 people to be more aware of service design.
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