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Visual with representatives of Trinidad Wiseman and Helmes

Trinidad Wiseman joins Helmes Group 

Marko Nemberg

We have some exciting news to share. One of Estonia's leading digital innovation companies Helmes signed an agreement to acquire a 75% shareholding in Trinidad Wiseman (TWN). The purpose of the transaction is to strengthen the companies' competitiveness in international markets and expand their range of services. TWN will continue to operate as an independent company under its own name with existing management.


According to Helmes’ partner and member of the management board Andres Kaljo, the purpose of the decision is to work in a strategic partnership for faster growth in international markets. "We are very happy that Trinidad Wiseman, a recognised leader in the field, decided to join Helmes. It will be a strong partnership for growth in foreign markets. TWN is a successful company with a similar work culture to Helmes and carries the same values as us. Helmes' clients are enterprises, who expect versatile, top-quality services. In cooperation with TWN, we will become even more competitive internationally in the field of service design, data analytics and AI," said Kaljo.  


Photo with representatives from Helmes and Trinidad Wiseman

Picture 1. From the left: TWN's Business Development Director Marko Nemberg, Partner Alan Altermann, CEO Ander Tenno, Head of Atlassian Brigite Helena Sarapuu, CEO of Helmes Jaan Pillesaar, and Head of Investments of Helmes Andres Kaljo.


Ander Tenno, CEO of Trinidad Wiseman, added: "Trinidad Wiseman has experienced strong growth over the years. As the Estonian market began to feel a bit restrictive, we initiated the search for a strategic partner in autumn 2023. We sought a partner who could help us expand to foreign markets with our service design, digital transformation, Atlassian, and AI/BI services. The interest was high, as we received several offers from European countries. We chose Helmes for several compelling reasons. Helmes creates software systems that positively impact people's lives. They have a proven track record of maintaining and growing companies. Additionally, we share strong organizational and cultural similarities, a common vision for the future, and a history of successful cooperation. Our negotiations were conducted in a supportive and constructive atmosphere. We are excited about the future!"   



Purpose of the transaction and plans for the future  

 The partnership opens new opportunities for both companies to expand in international markets -- TWN's specialisation in service design, user experience design, data analytics, and AI services complements Helmes' existing service portfolio, and in turn, Helmes' international sales capability supports TWN's vision for expanding to foreign markets.  


The transaction needs the approval of the Estonian Competition Authority to be completed, the process has started. The transaction was advised by Redgate Capital, Sorainen Law, Cobalt and PwC. 


Updated 01.07.2024: After approval from Estonian Competition Authority, the deal was completed on 28.06.2024. 




Background of the companies  

Trinidad Wiseman: 2023 turnover reached 16.9 million euros, the company employs more than 130 people. Company's clients include Elisa, SEB Pank, City24, Telia, ERGO, Tallink, SK ID Solutions, Alexela, Tele2 and various Estonian public sector and European Union institutions.  


Helmes: 2023 turnover exceeded 100 million euros, the company employs approximately 1,400 people. During the 33 years of operation, Helmes has grown into a global company, which creates business critical solutions for international organisations such as Airbus, Telia, Kühne+Nagel, CERN, the European Space Agency, OECD, etc. Helmes development centers are located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.  



Contact information:  

Katariina Roosipuu  
Group Head of Marketing  
Phone: +372 5079859  


Marko Nemberg  
Business Development Director 
Trinidad Wiseman
Phone: +372 580 43 140  


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