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Get your Axure RP licences and training through Trinidad Consulting

Marko Nemberg

Now everyone interested in the Axure RP prototyping tool can also get it through us. Axure RP is one of the world’s leading rapid prototyping tools that can be used for building large information systems, websites and mobile apps.

We have tried other prototyping tools in the past, but Axure RP is the only one besides Balsamiq that can be used for building both the most complex and simplest of interactive prototypes. We have been using it for years now.

Check out Axure’s website for the best overview of what you can accomplish with the tool. From there you can also install a trial version of Axure RP. If you think that you might need some training tips then we ecourage you to get our Axure RP prototyping workshop where you will learn the essentials of prototyping, plus:

  • How to use Axure RP
  • Secrets of rapid prototyping
  • How to use styles, frameworks, and masters
  • How to use dynamic panels and widgets
  • How to prototype for different screen sizes (responsive design)
  • What is a shared prototype and how to use it

For everyone who gets their licences from us we will throw in a 15% discount (regular price 750€ + VAT) from the workshop. This workshop is limited to 3-4 participants.

If you want to learn more about licences or workshops then write us at or call +372 63 11 111. If you would like to order a specific amount of licences then send your request via email and we will send you the licence keys in the next 48 hours.


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